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Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Kydex and Thermoplastic Holsters

Holsters made of molded thermoplastic material-- Kydex is an example-- are very popular currently because of their low cost and extremely functional properties. Leaders in this field are the Fobus Holster from Israel
and the American made Blade Tech holsters.
With modern molding techniques, it is possible to create a holster with a very precise shape and have it retain that shape indefinitely. So a designer can design a couple of retention points on a firearm and make the holster hold the gun much more securely than possible with leather designs. The distinctive thing about the Fobus and Blade Tech holster designs is that the pistol locks in with an audible click when holstered.
This feature makes drawing the gun a great experience. This is hard to describe to someone who's never felt it, but when you draw from a well fitted leather holster the resistance is almost constant until the pistol clears the leather. With the Fobus or Blade Tech it takes just a little snap to release the gun and even though it is still inside the holster it is free to move without friction. This makes it fast. We have a full selection of holsters and magazine pouches available for viewing.
Fobus and Blade Tech holsters are available for most popular defensive handguns in either belt or paddle styles. They fit quite nicely and you worry about losing the firearm due to a retention issue. Kydex and thermoplastic holsters are are very reasonable in price due to the lower raw material cost.

Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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