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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Eagle Industries Padded Scope Cover

Sometimes a piece of equipment comes along that is worth its weight in gold. The Eagle Industries Padded Scope Cover is the latest item to earn this distinction. It is designed to cover the rifle prior to placing your rifle in a rifle case, drag bag or car. This inexpensive Cordura cover could possibly save you $1000's of dollars in broken optics. If you use an unpadded rifle case, this sort of extra protection should be considered mandatory equipment. Even if you use a high quality padded rifle case, the Padded Scope Cover can provide an extra measure of protection against bangs and knocks.

With the Padded Scope Cover in place on your scope and the three straps fastened around the rifle stock, your scope will be completely encased in padding. The Padded Scope Cover also extends slightly down the side of the rifle, adding extra protection to the receiver and bolt.

The Padded Scope Cover measures 18" long, and 10" wide. The padding made of 3/8" closed cell foam. The PPadded Scope Cover's outer cover is made of 11 oz. Cordura nylon and comes in Olive Drab, Black, or Woodland Camo. The cover can be used to protect your rifle telescope and also a spotting scope.

The Padded Scope Cover is held in place via three adjustable nylon straps that are sewn in place across the width of the cover. These 3/4" straps are long enough to accommodate most rifle/scope combinations and they are clipped together via Fastex buckles. The Fastex buckles are quick to release. On each end of the pad is a velcro enclosure. The Padded Scope Cover is the ultimate in simplicity.

Eagle also has a version of the Padded Scope Cover that provides crown protection. This cover comes with an additional Fastex clip that attaches to a muzzle crown protector. The connecting strap is fully adjustable and can be removed when unneeded.

Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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