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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Gear Up for Spring

Cactus Tactical Supply
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In This Issue:

- Viking Tactics CAR-15 Sling - $36.99
- Matt Burkett's IPSC Strategies - $18.99
- Galati Desert Tan Shooters Mat - $144.95
- Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses - $71.99
- Blackhawk Olive Drab 2 Long Gun Carrying Case - $119.99
- Springfield XD 45 ACP Magazines - $24.99

Viking Tactics CAR-15 Sling - $36.99
This sling is made for collapsible stock (AR-15 type rifles) and is quick, versatile, dynamic and most importantly simple! The VTAC padded sling is instantly adjustable to improve your shooting position, allows shooting from weak side shoulder, secures the carbine during handgun transitions, and allows hands-free movement in difficult surroundings. Unlike most slings, the Viking Tactics padded slings are fully adjustable while in use. You won’t have to take a break from the action to adjust your sling. The Viking Tactics padded sling isn’t just a carry strap, it’s full range of adjustability will enhance retention when you need your hands free, it is also one of the only tactical slings that can be used as an adjustable shooting sling. A tight sling will enhance any shooting position. This sling provides added comfort for heavier firearms.
Has the same great features as the original V-Tac sling. The Viking Tactics, Inc. Wide (padded) Sling was developed after listening to feedback from their customers.

Customers with heavier firearms who wanted a wider, more comfortable sling with the same great features of the original Viking Tactics, Inc. sling. The Viking Tactics Wide Sling is made with a shoulder strap with closed cell foam for increased comfort.

The forward adjustable portion of the sling remains the same as the original sling, giving you quick, easy adjustments from any position.

Viking Tactics CAR-15 Sling

Matt Burkett's IPSC Strategies - $18.99

Matt Burkett, is an IPSC Grand Master, professional shooter and firearms instructor. He competes in handgun, bolt gun and 3 gun competitions worldwide. He produces an evolving line of training DVD's and tapes to aid in the advancement of your shooting skills.
These Practical Shooting and Strategies DVD's will aid the beginner and also the fully accomplished shooter to shoot faster and more accurately.

World 3 Gun Champion Matt Burkett guides you through the stages of competition letting you in on the vital strategies needed to be successful in IPSC shooting.

Matt takes you through 10 stages at the Area 2 Championships. Watch him execute and break down each stage for you pointing out all the crucial details.Matt also covers the chronograph procedure and utilizes his hatcam for each stage giving you a first person perspective for shooting each stage effectively!

Don't miss the bonus footage including the 2005 Area 2 Championships!

IPSC Strategies is a must for any competitive shooter!

Matt Burkett's IPSC Strategies

Galati Desert Tan Shooters Mat - $144.95

The Galati Shooters Mat is a perfect combination of a rifle case, backpack, drag bag and a shooting mat. This unique system is designed to provide an easy transformation from one configuration to another within seconds.
Use as a rifle case to hold firearms up to 48" in length and 11 1/2"
in height. An adjustable strap and pouch secures the firearm to prevent unnecessary movement. Constructed from Cordura Nylon with over 1/2" of closed cell foam padding on each panel. Features a heavy-duty YKK dual slider zipper and clips to provide the extra durability. A protective flap also covers the zipper. Laces are sewn on the outside of the case to secure a tie-down camouflage system for even more discreet concealment. Numerous accessory loops available to attach items to the case by ALICE clips. Carry the case by the reinforced carry handles or take the padded back-pack straps out of the concealment pocket and snap them in place to wear as a back-pack. Two drag loops are also available for attaching to your foot or arm while crawling

The rifle case easily transforms into a shooting mat within seconds.
Folds flat into three panels. The additional foldout flap makes the total size of the mat 66" in length and 37" wide. Includes four detachable and interchangeable panels including one zippered accessory pocket (9"x7") panel, one zippered accessory pocket
(9"x7") panel with 10 elastic ammo loops and two lammy suede panels.

Rifle Case Dimensions: 48" Length x 11 1/2" Height Will hold a gun up to 48" inches in length.
Shooters Mat Dimensions: 66" Length x 37" Wide

Weight: 8 pounds

Galati Desert Tan Shooters Mat

Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses - $71.99


Wiley X is launching its Air Rage sunglass just in time for the 2007 riding season. As one of several new styles in the Climate Control Series, Air Rage incorporates a symmetrically balanced ventilation system for complete ocular comfort. It is available in bronze frames with bronze and crystal clear lenses.

Air Rage has a compact design that seals the eye orbits from wind, debris, and precipitation. This multi-functional sunglass might be the most comfortable sunglass you'll ever wear. Try on a pair and see for yourself.

Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses

Blackhawk Olive Drab 2 Long Gun Carrying Case - $119.99 Perfect for the 3 gun competitor.

The Blackhawk Weapons Transport Case is designed to carry multiple weapons including a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or any variation of weapons. It is made of 1000 denier Nytaneon® and 3/8" closed cell foam. The inside has a padded removable divider for "side by side"
multiple weapon storage. The outside zipper is fully padded with a universal holster for any size pistol and accessories.

Includes a Hawk Tex shoulder pad and strap. Great for carrying pistol, rifle, shotgun, and SMG with accessories.

Can also be laid out flat to serve as a shooting mat.

Blackhawk Olive Drab 2 Long Gun Carrying Case

Springfield XD 45 ACP Magazines - $24.99
Full capacity stainless steel magazines for the Springfield XD 4 inch Service Pistol and 5 inch Tactical Pistol. These magazines are manufactured by Springfield Armory and have no LE markings on them.

Springfield XD 45 ACP Magazines

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99

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