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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Outdoor Season is Almost Here

Timney AR-15 Drop-In Triggers - $199.99

Obtain A Super-Smooth Pull & Crisp Letoff In Minutes

Self-contained, 100% drop-in unit is ready to install in your small-pin AR-15 for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required. Pull weight is factory set at a fixed 3 lbs. Lightweight, 6061 T6 alloy housing is anodized for extra durability. Hammer is EDM machined from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking. Other components are EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated to Rc 58-68 for longer service life. Disconnector has a precision-ground engagement surface for greater reliability and wear resistance. Skeletonized trigger shoe provides strength coupled with lighter weight for positive control. Module installs using your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins; proprietary design eliminates pin walkout.

Hammer/Trigger - Hardened tool steel, black oxide finish.
Housing - Aluminum, orange anodized finish.
Non-adjustable 3 lb. pull weight.
Fits rifles with .154” diameter hammer/trigger pins.

Springfield XD Decal Grips - $8.99

The trend in modern handgun design incorporates a polymer frame that is lightweight, and tends to get slippery when wet or sweaty. This can severely affect a positive grip and ultimately, accuracy.

Decal Grips are specially designed panel additions to provide a positive grip surface that works wet, dry, cold or hot. Decal Grips are pre cut, offering a positive grip for everyday / everywhere positive carry. Easy to install, just peel and stick. Extremely durable, extremely resistant to solvents and oils.

Available for 45 ACP, 9 MM and 40SW.

Galati Black 42 inch XT Rifle Case - $64.95

The Galati XT Premium Rifle Cases are built Extra Tough and Extra Thick and are in a class above the competition. As the toughest soft case in the industry, no other soft rifle case even comes close to its durability and quality.

42" XT Rifle Case:
Inside Dimensions - 42" x 12" x 2 1/2"
Fits AR-15, Mini 14, M16, HK91/93 and other similar sized weapons.

Standard features on XT Rifle Cases:
Dual YKK Zippers
3" Support Rib
1" Padded Zipper Protector
PVC Tactical Nylon - Black
1 1/8" Closed Cell Foam on EACH SIDE of the Case Will Not Fade from Sunlight or Cleaning Reinforced Stitching Bonded Threading Water Resistant Fire Retardant Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap Will Float with Rifle in it Lockable D-Ring 100% Guarantee
2 Year Warranty through Galati International

Glock Tactical Xenon Light - $74.99

The Glock Tactical Light is equipped with the ultimate electronic features at a minimal weight and it is designed specifically for duty use under extreme circumstances. The high-resistant Glock polymer casing holds Xenon-technology electronics packing high luminous power that is available at the touch of the ergonomically placed "Soft Switch".

Features & Specs:

Overall Length: 76mm / 2.99in
Overall Height: 51mm / 2.01in
Overall Width: 30.6mm / 1.18in
Light Output: 60 Lumens
Weight: With Batteries Without Batteries 51.14g / 1.80oz 86g / 3.03oz
Batteries: Two 3-Volt Lithium Included
Runtime: 70 Minutes Range: 30m / 98 ft
Mounting: Glock / NATO / Weaver Rail
Lamp: Glock Xenon

GG&G Looped Agency Sling Adapter - $28.99

Designed for H&K style quick clip, Chalker clip and Snap Clip slings

In 2005, GG&G originated the Agency Rear Sling Adapter to assist local, state and federal agencies deal with various armorer only policies. Those policies stated if a tool needed to be used to remove a part of the weapon to install a new accessory,it can only be done by the agencies armorer or gunsmith. This created an unacceptable time crunch for many of those agencies.

We have now created the Looped Agency Rear Sling Adapter. This new adapter will accommodate the quick clip sling attachments like the Chalker Clip, the HK quick clip and generic snap clips. It is ambidextrous and like all GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapters, they only require that the rear assembly of the collapsible buttstock be removed.

No tools required! The new adapter slides over the tube and once in proper position, securely tightens behind the castle lock nut as shown in the photos. The system uses two socket head screws for fastening, so that once tightened there is no chance the sling adapter will come loose. The Looped GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapter is manufactured for professional use from 7075 aluminum and Type III hard coat anodized to meet Mil-Specs.

Remington Shotgun Magazine Tube Extensions - $79.99

Nordic Components - extended magazine tubes for Remington shotguns

These are the finest machined shotshell tubes currently available.
Each tube has a unique swirl style barrel nut adding a distinct touch while also providing a quick and sure grip.

Currently available in +4 and +5 configurations for the 870, 1100 and 1187 shotguns. Shell capacity and magazine tube length is configured as the shell loading capacity increase above and beyond the standard capacity. To use a stock 870 as an example, if it holds
5 shells in the factory tube, and a +4 Nordic tube is installed, you will have a 10 shell capacity, 9 in the tube and 1 in the chamber.

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99

Master Card, Visa and Discover are accepted. Prices are good through February 27, 2007 with promotional prices subject to available item quantities. Email inquiries are welcome at rbhparts@Hotmail.Com.
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