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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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End of March Deals

GG&G AR-15 Scout Rail - $72.99

The GG&G Scout optical mounting rail was designed to mount easily over the integral rails of the AR15/M16 flat top receiver and work in conjunction with any of the GG&G back up iron sights or one of many scopes. It raises the line of sight by .5 inch and offers a proper cheek weld when optical devices are attached. In addition, the Scout Rail serves to protect the flat top receiver's integral rails from the damaging wear associated with lever type quick-release mounts, especially those without buffer pads.

The Scout length rail extends two inches beyond the handguards and clears the M4 forearm. It was developed to accommodate long-eye-relief "scout"-type scopes and also Aimpoint red dot sights with night vision monoculars mounted to their rear. Manufactured from billet 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, black Type III hard-coat anodized per Mil-Spec, all of the GG&G mounting rails meet MIL-STD-1913. The rail locks onto the flat top receiver by means of a locking side bar and two round head socket head screws. This provides both a positive and perfectly aligned lock-up even on well-worn receiver rails. The socket head wrench required for installation is included.

Benelli / Beretta Speed Bolt Handle - $24.99

Nordic Components - Speed Bolt Handles for Benelli / Beretta shotguns

These are the finest machined speed bolt handles currently available. Each handle has a unique swirl style adding a distinct touch while also providing a quick and sure grip.

Currently available for the Benelli M1/M2, Beretta Extrema and Franchi 620/720 shotguns. This bolt handle does not require gunsmith fitting and is easily installeable by the end user. Please refer to the factory maintenance manual which came with your shotgun for full instructions.

Black 44 inch Shotgun Case - $49.95

The top of the line 44" Galati Tactical Shotgun Case.

The 44" Shotgun Case is custom crafted to hold full length shotguns up to 44" in length. Heavily padded with a total thickness of 2 1/2"
of closed cell foam. Also features an extra rib of padding by the nose area of the case. Features an additional long zippered pocket for accessories and a square pocket for ammo. Extra long padded shoulder strap which attaches to the "D" ring. Fully lockable and will float with your rifle in it. Constructed from PVC, a clone to ballistic nylon. Fits guns with or without scope mounted. 12" in height. Overall length is 44". This is the best case made by Galati International.

Weight: 10 pounds
Color: Black

Night Ops Coyote Tan Gladius Flashlight - $199.99

Night-Ops™ was chartered to create an illumination tool line that is specifically designed for armed professionals including military, law enforcement, professional security forces, and those serious about their personal protection.

The Gladius is the most innovative handheld tactical illumination tool to ever arrive on the scene. This waterproof, illumination tool is designed primarily for handheld use, but robust enough for weapon mounted applications. The Gladius is designed from the ground up to be immersed into the realities of close quarter conflict and should significantly enhance the capabilities of those operating in low light environments. The Gladius is born of years of operational & low light training experience. The unique capabilities of this feature rich package simply outclass the competition.

The Gladius is a unique tool that offers fully adjustable, very low to very high levels of light. The Gladius also offers a strobe function, which is specifically designed to give you the reactionary gap you need to prevail against a wide variety of threats. The strobe is extremely disorienting to those on the receiving end, yet allows the operator to maintain excellent situational awareness. The more conventional momentary and constant ON switching are easily accessed with one-finger operation. The Gladius also features a lock-out system that is useful for tactical operations. This illumination tool is designed primarily for handheld use, but is robust enough for weapon-mounted applications. It is powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries with a total runtime of 90 minutes.

The Gladius is born of years of operational & low light training experience. The unique capabilities of this feature rich package simply outclass the competition.

Front to back, inside and out, this light has performance written all over it.

CamelBak MULE - 100 ozs, Woodland Camo - $79.99

This system was constructed to carry standard equipment - water, first aid, MRE, communications.

The MULE is configured as a low-profile, multi-task pack that can be used with any load-carrying backpack or harness platform. 100 ounces.

Armalite 30mm One Piece Scope Mount - $95.99

ArmaLite 1 Piece Scope Mount Assembly for 30mm scopes Mfr part # EX0022

The ArmaLite 1 Piece Scope Mount Assembly for 30mm scopes is a one piece unit that attaches directly to your Picatinny rail. It will accept most scopes with a 30mm tube design. Made from a rugged lightweight alloy, this mount will keep your scope secure and will not weigh you down. The one piece design offers stability not found in multipart scope mounts, which is crucial for accuracy and efficient target acquisition. ArmaLite scope mounts provide reliable, repeatable engagement with all MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny) rail systems, and will place the scope centerline at the same position as the iron sights on a AR15-A2 rifle.

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99

Master Card, Visa and Discover are accepted. Prices are good through April 3, 2007 with promotional prices subject to available item quantities. Email inquiries are welcome at rbhparts@Hotmail.Com.
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