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Friday, May 25, 2007

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Gear for Memorial Day

Viking Tactics Sling - $32.99

This sling is made for collapsible stock (AR-15 type rifles) and is quick, versatile, dynamic and most importantly simple!

The VTAC sling is instantly adjustable to improve your shooting position, allows shooting from weak side shoulder, secures the carbine during handgun transitions, and allows hands-free movement in difficult surroundings. Unlike most slings, the Viking Tactics slings are fully adjustable while in use. You won’t have to take a break from the action to adjust your sling.

The Viking Tactics sling isn’t just a carry strap, it’s full range of adjustability will enhance retention when you need your hands free, it is also one of the only tactical slings that can be used as an adjustable shooting sling. A tight sling will enhance any shooting position.

If this sling is used with a full stock AR-15, the Viking Tactics Butt Stock Attachment is needed.

GG&G AR-15 A2 Style Back Up Iron Sight - $99.99

The GG&G A2 Style BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) provides the operator with an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate flip up rear sight, and now includes an important new locking detent. Once placed in the up position, the sight cannot be folded down without depressing the spring assisted detent release button located on the left side of the sight base. This totally eliminates the possibility of accidentally lowering the sight.

The A2 BUIS can be used as a stand-alone sight or in conjunction with one of GG&G's FIRE System rails. The A2 BUIS can also be used as a co-witness iron sight with most of the red dot sighting systems. This sight features the standard A2-style double peep aperture and has full windage adjustment. It uses the Colt-style windage knob and windage screw. One click of the windage knob provides approximately 0.48 MOA change when mounted on the M16A2E4 rifle and about 0.65 MOA on the M4 carbine. Initial zero is set by adjusting the weapons fronts sight post. The new GG&G A2 BUIS is the lowest profile flip up iron sight with locking detent. When in the down position, it will clear most optics.

All sight components are standard M16A2 sight components. The A2 BUIS mount body and sight stem are manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum and black hard-coat anodized per mil spec.

Black 35 inch Rifle Case - $59.99

The top of the line 35" Bagmaster Tactical Rifle Case.

Designed for the classical tactical rifle up to 35" in length. Fits the CAR-15, the folding stock Mini 14, folding stock HK-91 and HK-93 and other folding stocks.

• Main compartment: Each case’s inside measurement is 35" in width and 11” tall at the back end and narrowing to 5” tall at the front end.
• Four magazine pouches that hold (223, 308) 30 round magazines.
• Zippered side panel accessory pocket.
• Will hold most tactical weapons with a scope mounted.
• Constructed of 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura® nylon outer shell with a 430 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth lining surround a high-density foam core.
• Full-length, self-healing nylon zipper.
• Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
• Metal D-ring allows you to lock using your own lock.
• Color: Black

This is the best case made by Bagmaster Mfg and carries a lifetime warranty supported by Bagmaster Mfg.

Weight: 6 pounds
Color: Black

AR-15 Field Repair Kit - $23.99

Everyone should have one of these kits in your range bag or gun case for emergencies

Kit Includes: Trigger Spring, Extractor, Extractor Spring Assembly, Disconnector Spring, Hammer Spring, Extractor Pin, Firing Pin Retaining Spin, Firing Pin, Ejector Spring, Ejector.

Magpul 30 rd Standard Black Polymer Magazine - $14.99

The Polymer Magazine (PMAG™) is a lightweight 5.56 NATO, M-16 compatible magazine. The PMAG™ features a pop-off storage/dust cover that alleviates pressure from the magazine feed lips, allowing for storage of loaded magazines without risk of feed lip creep that often causes malfunction in standard aluminum magazines. PMAG™ utilizes a resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.

• Anti-tilt follower for increased reliability • Storage/dust cover • Stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance • Textured gripping surface.

Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight - $39.99

Battery: Two 3 Volt lithium with a shelf life of nearly ten years.
Bulb: Xenon gas filled bi-pin.
Material: Machined aluminum housing anodized against corrosion inside and out; unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
Color: Black.
Weight: 4.4 ounces with batteries.
Length: 4.9 inches.
Run Time: 1 hour of continuous use.
Candlepower: 6 ,000.

Special Features:

Triple action tail cap switch
variable spot to flood focus
spare bulb included.

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99

Master Card, Visa and Discover are accepted. Prices are good through May 28, 2007 with promotional prices subject to available item quantities. Email inquiries are welcome at rbhparts@Hotmail.Com.
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