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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Stuff for the Start of Summer

ZM Tactical Single Point Sling - $55.99

ZM Single Point Bunji Sling

Fully adjustable, one size fits all. Made of high density elastic bunji, tubular nylon and black nylon webbing. Built into the sling is a "bungie" design which returns the weapon to the user when released. Comes complete with a "C" clip for attachment to the rear sling adapter that is covered in nylon to prevent reflection. All hardware and bunji covered for stealth ops with easy movement.

A must have for your kit.

Automobile Life Hammer - $14.99

LifeHammer is the original emergency hammer!
Bring yourself extra peace of mind with this car escape tool. It is the perfect escape tool to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident.

Next to the airbag and the safety belt, LifeHammer is the most important automotive safety tool that NO vehicle should be without.

Remember, sometimes safety belts jam after a collision and power locks become disabled. LifeHammer can cut through a jammed safety belt with its razor-sharp blade and can quickly break through a side window with its double tipped steel heads.

LifeHammer - the 1st and only quality auto escape tool with over 20 years of experience, used and trusted by a growing number of public safety organizations in the US and Europe.

Bagmaster Black 38 inch Rifle Case - $62.99

Designed for the classical tactical rifle up to 38" in length. Fits full stock AKM, HK94, MAK90, 16" BBL Bushmaster AR-15 and other similar sized weapons that are no more than 38 inches in overall length.

• Main compartment: Each case’s inside measurement is 38" in width and 11” tall at the back end and narrowing to 5” tall at the front end.
• Four magazine pouches that hold (223, 308) 30 round magazines.
• Zippered side panel accessory pocket.
• Will hold most tactical weapons with a scope mounted.
• Constructed of 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura® nylon outer shell with a 430 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth lining surround a high-density foam core.
• Full-length, self-healing nylon zipper.
• Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
• Metal D-ring allows you to lock using your own lock.
• Color: Black

This is the best case made by Bagmaster Mfg and carries a lifetime warranty supported by Bagmaster Mfg.

Weight: 6 pounds
Color: Black

Cactus Tactics LLC AR-15 Stripped Lower - $130.00

High quality forged A2 style aluminum lower receivers with mil-spec hardcoat anodized finish.

Made in USA.

Due to Federal firearms regulations, a Form 4473 or transfer to a receiving FFL is required for the purchase of this receiver.

Blackhawk Black Rifle Cheek Pad - $19.99

BLACKHAWK® Cheek Pad for Rifles

The Rifle Cheek Piece is designed to aid eye relief efficiency, prevent slipping, and reduce recoil to the neck and cheek. It is made of 1000 denier nylon and closed cell foam. The pad is secured firmly to the buttstock by a tie-down system ensuring a proper fit to all rifle stocks.

Magpul Black CTR Carbine Stock, Mil Spec - $90.99

The CTR is designed to be a drop in replacement carbine stock body for your AR-15/M16 and is adjustable for length of pull.

This stock features a unique locking mech that friction locks the stock to the buffer tube for zero movement. The locking mechanism eliminates the wobble, noise, rattle, and slop inherent in most standard M4 stocks. The forward locking lever takes out any play in the stock where it attaches to the buffer tube, hence "Friction Lock". Hitting the paddle release both unlocks the stock and retracts the pin to allow the stock to move. The stock can be fired with the locking latch locked or unlocked. The ambidextrous locking mechanism is protected by a guard. This stock has an enhanced ergonomic butt plate contour and has a broad cheek weld for comfortable contact with shooters face. Integrated QD sling attachment points are included.

Mounts on Mil-Spec AR15/M16 carbine receiver buffer tube (including; Colt, CMT, LMT, Vltor, Stag and similiar manufacturers). Does not include buffer tube, buffer, or butt pad. The stock uses a standard sized pin to lock into the holes of your existing buffer tube. While the pin is the same size as the standard CAR stock it is supported on the sides 4x as much as the standard CAR latch.

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99

Master Card, Visa and Discover are accepted. Prices are good through June 5, 2007 with promotional prices subject to available item quantities. Email inquiries are welcome at rbhparts@Hotmail.Com.
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