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Monday, July 09, 2007

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Home Defense Tips

No matter where you live, you want to make sure that your home is safe, when you're there and secure when you're not.

When coming home, make certain you are alert to anything suspicious. If you suspect something is wrong, leave the area at once.

Keep the exterior of your house well lit.

Make sure the shrubbery against the house is thinned or pruned periodically to keep it from becoming a hiding place.

Do not depend on the automatic garage door closer to lock your garage. Unless locked, overhead doors can be easily rolled up by an intruder.

If you are a single woman living alone, avoid publishing your first name in the telephone directory or listing it on your mailbox. Use an initial for your first name or consider adding a ficticious name to yours.

When planning a trip, remember to stop delivery of your mail and newspaper.

Buy a few timers or light-sensitive sockets that will light your house at night when you are not there.

When approaching your house from the outside, do not fumble with your keys at the door. Make certain you have the key in your hand so that you can enter quickly.

If you receive suspicious calls, hang up. If the annoyance continues, contact the police and the telephone company.

When having your car serviced or valet parked, lock your glove compartment and give the attendant only your valet key. This prevents someone from making a copy of your full-use automobile key and other keys which may be on your normal keyring.


Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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