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Saturday, August 04, 2007

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Vehicle Trauma Kits

Cactus Tactical now offers a Vehicle Trauma Kit that is compact and sized to be carried in a vehicle or stored in a business location. The kit will allow treatment most injuries that are associated with a single penetrating wound or laceration or injuries such as road rash, minor impalement, penetrating chest injuries, and major bleeding. motorcycle crashes that can be handled by the victim. The contents of the kit are made up from current military grade trauma kit, and are stored in a Pelican #1150 case to protect them from damage or loss.

The Business Trauma Kit is compact and can easily be stowed in the trunk of a vehicle or anywhere in the home or jobsite. It is also a great supplement for a pre-existing jobsite or home first aid kit for those with EMS level trauma, and bleeding control tools.

The Kit also contains the Non Emergency First Aid Kit. The Non Emergency Aid Kit includes: various bandages, alcohol wipes, aspirin, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic cream and Tylenol.

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