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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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New Stuff for the Fall

AR-15 Armorers Block - $44.99

The AR-15 Armorers Block kit comes complete with a CNC Stainless Steel Bolt Catch Pin Punch!

Precision machined double-sided AR-15 armorer block. This block is loaded with features for complete AR gunsmithing work. Clamps into vice while securely holding an upper or turn it over and place it into a lower receiver. Supports lower receiver "ears" when driving cross pin for trigger guard. Precision milled from solid UHMW HDPE. Virtually indestructible and resistant to all oils and solvents. Hammer block snaps in to the main block when clamped into a lower receiver. Allows fine tuning of trigger pull without damaging receiver. Eliminates need to catch hammer when testing trigger pull. Also adds support for holding the lower vertically & will hold bolt catch captive to allow driving of retaining pin easily.

  • CNC machined

  • Super tough ultra high molecular weight high density polyethelyne

  • Resists all common solvents

  • Holds uppers, lowers

  • Supports receiver when driving trigger guard pin

  • Holds bolt catch compressed when driving pin (when used with hammer block

  • Hammer block allows realistic tuning of trigger work

  • Made right here in the USA!

Pentagon Light Weapon Mounted Light System - $209.99

PentagonLight MS2 Xenon Light
Manufactured by high precision CNC machine from aerospace grade aluminum with anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive, and anti-reflective military spec Type III hard anodized exterior finish, MS2 Xenon Light is rugged and durable for illumination in the most critical environments.

Detailed Description: The MS2 Xenon Light is a powerful incandescent light with 70 lumens of eye-blinding maximal-focused light smoothed by a proprietary textured reflector. The xenon bulb is protected by an anti-scratch tempered glass lens, and is damped against recoil by the internal dual spring-loaded backplate deflection mechanism with a completely isolated battery compartment. The MS2 is manufactured by high precision CNC machinery from aerospace grade aluminum with anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive, and anti-reflective military spec Type III hard anodized exterior finish, MS2 Xenon Light is rugged and durable for illumination in the most critical environments. The anti-reflective finish reduces glare and minimizes signature in ensuring stealth. The integrated ARMS #17S mount easily engages and disengages the light from the Picatinny rail, ensuring quick, direct, and firm attachment. The MS2 is preconfigured with TR3 straight-cord tri-mode remote pressure pad switch. Positioned in momentary mode, the light can be activated by pressing the remote pressure pad. Turn the tail-cap slightly to position in constant-on mode. Constant-on switches light on continuously without pressing, and is also useful in the event of remote pressure pad or cord failure. The pentagonal shape tail-cap facilitates rotation for operating the switch mechanism, including positioning the switch in lockout mode. This tail-cap is compact and light-weight, allowing the system to have better form factor. All connections are sealed with double O-rings for fail-safe protection against water leakage. The MS2 Xenon Light is an excellent choice when mobility and maneuverability are of your top considerations for SWAT or military operations.

Magpul MIAD Full Grip Kit - $39.99

The Magpul Mission Adaptable Grip(MIAD) is a drop in replacement for the pistol grip on the M16/M4/Ar15 series of rifles.

The kit features:
. removable and replaceable front and rear panels for a custom fitover multiple hand sizes
. improved ergonomics and positive rough texture on both sides and rear backstraps
. a removable inner core that allows for storage (3 round plug included) Custom storage of batteries (waterproof) or bolt/firing pin is available with optional cores
. 3 size backstraps (s,m,l), 4 frontstraps including the integrated enhanced trigger guard, 3 round core plug, installation hardware.

MIAD Resources:
. Aggressive no-slip texture
. Small (B1), medium (B2), and large (B3) back-straps
. A1 and A2 style front-straps
. Three-round 5.56 NATO storage core Specifications:

. Weight: .190-0.260 pounds

Specter Gear AR-15 CQB Sling and GG&G Receiver Adapter - $54.99

Buy both the GG&G Receiver Adapter and Specter Gear Black CQB Sling and and save $2.99

Specter Gear Black CQB Sling: It's been said that a long gun without a sling is like a handgun without a holster. We strongly believe that to be a true statement. But, not all slings are created equal. Our CQB Tactical Slings are simple, versatile, durable, and affordable. The 3 point sling design is nothing new. However, we've avoided unnecessary straps, buckles,and fasteners which complicate the design. The result is a truly functional design which works. It allows fast presentation of the long gun, immediate transition to the sidearm, and secure retention from snatch attempts. It also converts immediately to a standard carry sling when appropriate. This style sling is also gaining widespread acceptance in military special operations and knowledgeable personal-defense circles around the world. It has been highly acclaimed for its safety, simplicity and speed.

GG&G AR-15 Receiver Adapter: Tactical slings attached to shoulder-mounted weapons at a single mounting point, without the use of the front sling swivel, are becoming more and more popular in both military and law enforcement special operations. These systems permit the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. The GG&G line of Receiver End Plate Sling Adapters for the AR15/M16 series has been expanded to now include the AR15/M16 fixed stock model. Many operators prefer the AR15/M16 with a fixed stock as it provides a somewhat more stable firing platform. Installation of this unique accessory is easily accomplished, requiring replacement of the issue receiver end plate with the new GG&G end plate, adapter spacer and longer screw.

Springfield XD 45 ACP 13 Round Magazine - $23.99

Full capacity stainless steel magazines for the Springfield XD 4 inch Service Pistol and 5 inch Tactical Pistol. These magazines are manufactured by Springfield Armory and have no LE markings on them. If you are unclear about the legality of buying high capacity magazines in your city or state, please research any laws which may apply to you to avoid disappointment.

Chip McCormick AR-15 Drop In Trigger - $179.99

Totally self contained one piece assembly. Revolutionary design installs in minutes. The result: a superior match grade trigger pull.

1) Gunsmiths: Patent pending one piece assembly installs in minutes. Check for safe and proper function, you're done.

2) Installation of the trigger group is quite simple: Drop in the one piece assembly, install the supplied over-sized pins. No screws to adjust or worry about coming loose at the worst possible time.

3) No cheap tricks or compromises: Full strength music wire springs for fast lock-time & reliable discharge with factory or military ammo. Fully machined tolerances of +/-.001" and through hardened,the S-7 tool steel hammer, trigger, disconnector and pins are made with the highest grade, hardest, longest wearing material available. You won't get this kind of quality, performance and service life with inferior surface hardened cast parts! Housing is 410 stainless steel.

4) Factory tuned for a better than average match grade trigger pull with minimum take-up and over-travel. Typical quality McCormick parts are famous for.

5) Fits Mil-Spec receivers with small center pin receiver holes. Does not work with a Colt large pin lower receiver or any receiver that has a sear block installed.

Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99.

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Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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