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Monday, January 21, 2008

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January's Cool Gear

SpecOps Recoil Reducing Stock, Remington 870 - $124.99

The finest recoil reducing stock on the Planet!

From the longest arm of the law to the shortest, the Knoxx SpecOps Stock is instantly adjustable to fit any shooter. With over 4 inches of adjustment, this is a stock that the entire department can use comfortably in any application and with any load.

Just when you thought recoil reduction had reached maximum potential, Knoxx Industries has produced yet another patented recoil-reducing stock to revolutionize the way you think about shotguns. Utilizing dual Knoxx recoil-compensating systems, the SpecOps Stock has the ability to reduce felt recoil of even the most potent loads by up to 95%. The SpecOps Stock makes even the heaviest loads easy for all shooters to handle!

The SpecOps polymer and alloy construction makes it durable, reliable and built to last. Also, the unique features and design of this pistol grip style stock allows law enforcement agencies and military personnel the ability to use their shotguns with all load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests.

Designed to fit any and all shooters, and practically devoid of recoil, the Knoxx SpecOps Stock is the latest in the Knoxx family of recoil-reducing products. Not only is it utilizing two recoil-absorbing mechanisms to soak up recoil, it also adjusts to fit any shooter regardless of the situation or application. Hunters and competitive shooters will find their scores and hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases.

Unique Features Include:
  • Instantly adjustable to fit all shooters (11.25 to 15.25-inch length-of-pull)
  • Perfect fit with load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests
  • Dual recoil compensation systems eliminate harsh recoil with all loads
  • Unique design cuts muzzle rise � Get back on target faster
  • Lightweight durable alloy and polymer construction for years of reliable service

  • Advantages:
  • Dramatic Reduction in Recoil and Muzzle Flip
  • Eliminates Shooter Fatigue and Pain Regardless of Size
  • Use Magnum Shells without Pain
  • Increased Accuracy and Faster Follow-up Shots
  • Increased Confidence and Effectiveness in Shotgun Utilization

  • Reduced Officer injury claims

  • This SpecOps Stock fits Remington 870 12-gauge series.

    Galati 35 inch black XT Rifle Case
    - $62.95

    The Galati XT Premium Rifle Cases are built Extra Tough and Extra Thick and are in a class above the competition. As the toughest soft case in the industry, no other soft rifle case even comes close to its durability and quality.

    35" XT Rifle Case:
    Inside Dimensions - 35" x 12" x 2 1/2"
    Fits CAR-15. folding Mini 14, folding HK91/93 and other similar sized weapons.

    Standard features on XT Rifle Cases: Dual YKK Zippers 3" Support Rib 1" Padded Zipper Protector PVC Tactical Nylon - Black
    1 1/8" Closed Cell Foam on EACH SIDE of the Case Will Not Fade from Sunlight or Cleaning Reinforced Stitching Bonded Threading Water Resistant Fire Retardant Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap Will Float with Rifle in it Lockable D-Ring 100% Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty

    Blade Tech Paddle Holster - S&W M&P 9mm / 40 SW - $24.99

    Blade-Tech Industries is proud to announce a breakthrough in the Holster Industry. Their expert Design and Engineering team have collaborated and created an innovative, new proprietary tooling concept resulting in what they call the Millennium Series Holster product line. This astounding product looks, fits and feels like the hand crafted custom holster without the cost of the custom holster. They use a proprietary new material which is tougher and more durable than any competitors. It has unique lubricious qualities impregnated into the material which will give you a custom fit and feel with an audible click. In addition, it has a higher heat temperature deflection than the other materials used in most holsters today. This new material has no memory loss in high heat temperature climates! The Millennium Series Holster has two adjustable tension screws so that you may fine tune your holster tension, giving you that customized touch. The finish is a non-reflective matte black, similar to the exterior of the custom holster line.

    The Millennium Series Holster has a slim lined back mounting platform making this holster highly concealable. It consists of a series of mounting holes, making this holster cant adjustable to these positions: Straight, Muzzle Forward or FBI. Encompassing these demanded qualities makes the Millennium Series Holster more economical, durable, and extremely comfortable.

    Currently available only for the S&W M&P 9 mm / 40 SW.
    Right Hand only at this time.

    Harris Swivel Bipod - $94.99

    The Series S Harris Bipod rotates to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground. The hinged base has tension adjustment and buff springs to eliminate tremor or looseness in crotch area of the Bipod. Harris bipods clamp to most Q.D. stud equipped bolt action rifles, and have a sling attachment provision. Spring-loaded folding legs are quickly adjustable for height. Manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys, bipods have a black anodized finish.

    • Swivel base
    • Adjusts from 9-13 inches
    • Leg notch height adjustments and six barrel height settings.

    Blackhawk LRRP Butt Pack, Coyote Tan - $74.99

    The BlackHawk® L.R.R.P. Butt Pack attaches to any belt with Blackhawk's BTS™ belt loops (2) and/or A.L.I.C.E. clips (2 included). The back panel has the IVS™ molded foam for excellent stability and comfort. It also keeps the packs shape when over loaded or under loaded.


    • Anodized D-rings for attachment to H-gear suspenders • Made with 1000 denier nylon • BTS™ and A.L.I.C.E. clip attachments • Drain grommets • Top carry handle • Lash tabs on bottom for poncho, jackets, etc.
    • Top pouch with dual zippers and silent pulls • Side and back pouches with adjustable silent side release buckles • Main compartment has internal cinch down rain cover • Top flap has hidden hook & loop pocket for objects like maps, batteries, etc.


    Main Compartment: 7.5W x 10.5H x 5D=395 Cu inches Top Pocket: 6.25W x 1.75H x 3.75D=40 Cu inches Back Pouches: 5.5W x 9H x 2.75D=135 Cu inches Side Pouches: (2) 4.75W x 8H x 3D=115 Cu inches (x2) Total space: 685 Cu inches.

    Wiley X CQC Goggles, 2 lense set - $62.99

    Whether you need protection for urban warfare, land warfare, sun, dust, wind or snow, this goggle has it all. The few ballistic goggle designs that are even on the market right now are large, uncomfortable, one dimensional and cumbersome. Their straps have to be worn over the top of a soldier's helmet and never give a good seal on an individuals face. When questioned all services stated they wanted a more streamlined goggle that was more comfortable and didn't sit so far away from the face. Traditional goggles often give the wearer tunnel vision. Our CQC goggle can be worn with its strap, under the helmet, which greatly improves fit and comfort. This also improves vision as the goggle is designed to sit very close to the face. Our new CQC goggle (along with our SG-1 design) can even be worn with night vision.

    Traditional protective goggles use foam that breaks down over a short amount of time. Some don't use foam at all and have opted for a rubber ridge to pad the users face. This rubber type of ridge gets slippery when the wearer sweats and becomes very uncomfortable over a period of time. The Wiley X CQC Goggle uses our exclusive "Ultra Foam" seal which is far more durable than traditional foam and much more comfortable than the rubber ridge used by competitors.

    The CQC goggle comes equipped with 2 sets of ballistic polycarbonate lenses. Each lens is 2.5mm thick and clear coated with our proprietary anti-fog solution giving the user perfect, unobstructed vision. Add our silicone, scratch resistant coating and you have the best optical quality, ballistic lenses available.

    The new CQC goggle is also modular. It converts from a ballistic goggle into a set of fully functional eyewear with just a push of a button. Now when a soldier is in his or her down time they can attach the temples and wear the product as a sunglass providing 100% Ultra Violet protection.

    For added protection, the CQC goggle has protective side shields that can be attached in either sunglass or goggle form. This gives the user extra peripheral and temporal protection not offered in any other goggle design.

    Our CQC goggle comes with two sets of ballistic, anti-fog lenses (smoke green, clear), temples, elastic strap, and soft case for storage.

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    Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99.

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