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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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February is time to Gear Up

Streamlight Stinger Dual Switch LED Light - $104.99

Two switches are better than one! The Stinger Dual Switch LEDis the only rechargeable flashlight with a fully independent dualswitch. Features:
  • DUAL SWITCH TECHNOLOGY: Access any of the three variablelighting modes and strobe via the tail cap or the head-mountedswitch
  • Head switch operates independently from the tail cap switch
  • The combination of a rechargeable battery and a lifetime superhigh flux LED results in the lowest operating cost of any flashlightmade.
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targetingbeam with optimal peripheral illumination to aid in navigation.
  • Lumens: 80 typical
  • Runtime: High, Up to 1.75 hours; Medium, Up to 3.5 hours; Low,up to 6.75 hours; Strobe, Up to 5.5 hours
  • Optimized electronics provides regulated intensity
  • Length: 8.85 " (22.48 cm)
  • Weight: 12.8 oz (364 grams)
  • 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with non-slip rubberizedcomfort grip
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate with scratch-resistant coating O-Ringsealed construction
  • 3 watt super high flux LED, impervious to shock
  • 3-cell, 3.6 Volt Nickel cadmium sub-C battery is rechargeable upto 1000 times
  • Includes Anti-roll Ring
  • Fits existing Stinger chargers
  • 10 hours to recharge on 100V, 120V, 230V or 240V AC
  • Safety wands, ring holder, color filters accessories available.

  • Galati Black 35 inch XT Rifle Case - $62.95

    The Galati XT Premium Rifle Cases are built Extra Tough andExtra Thick and are in a class above the competition. As thetoughest soft case in the industry, no other soft rifle case evencomes close to its durability and quality. 35" XT Rifle Case:Inside Dimensions - 35" x 12" x 2 1/2"Fits CAR-15. folding Mini 14, folding HK91/93 and other similarsized weapons. FOUR MAGAZINE POUCHES and ACCESSORY POUCH are included. Standard features on XT Rifle Cases: Dual YKK Zippers 3" Support Rib 1" Padded Zipper Protector PVC Tactical Nylon - Black 1 1/8" Closed Cell Foam on EACH SIDE of the Case Will Not Fade from Sunlight or Cleaning Reinforced Stitching Bonded Threading Water Resistant Fire Retardant Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap Will Float with Rifle in it Lockable D-Ring 100% Guarantee 2 Year Warranty

    Sabre Red Foam Delivery Pepper Spray - $13.99

    The pungency on this foam spray is 10% Oleoresin Capsicum and 1.33%Capsaicinoids. This supplies an unsurpassed single ingredient instopping power. Contains 3.3 ounces of a foam spray delivery.

    Eagle M4 / CAR-15 Discrete Case - $84.99

    The Eagle Discreet Cases are designed for situations wherelow profile and personal protection has to be readily available! TheDC'S are made from #1000 denier abrasion resistant Cordura nylonwith 3/8" thick closed cell foam padding. Other features include:
  • Heavy duty #9 YKK zippers with dual sliders
  • Welded steel "D" rings with detachable shoulder strap and pad
  • Padded outside cargo pocket
  • Interior magazine pockets.
  • Eagle uses 3/8" closed cell foam. Closed cell foam takes shock andwill not absorb water! Currently available in black only.

    Blackhawk CQC Holster, Smith Wesson M&P 9mm / 40 SW - $44.99

    This unique holster design allows you to forget old-fashioned thumbbreaks that slow your draw and complicate re-holstering. Thepatented SERPA lock engages the trigger guard as you holsterthe pistol and will not let go until you release it. The release ismade using your normal drawing motion, with the trigger fingerbeside the holster body. As your trigger finger naturally comes torest on the SERPA locks release mechanism, simply push themechanism as you draw the weapon and it releases the gun for asmooth, fast draw. No awkward use of a middle finger release orthumb break to interfere with a full combat grip, the SERPA locklets you draw the weapon quickly while establishing a full grip fromstart to finish. Unlike thumb breaks, which can sometimes bedifficult to fasten one-handed, the SERPA lock allows you tore-holster quickly and securely every time, using only one hand. TheSERPA holster has the same speed cut and concealment enhancingdesign of our Standard Model Carbon Fiber Holster. SERPA Technology Features:
  • Full firing grip for draw and immediate retention uponre-holster
  • No Thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow downyour draw
  • Speed cut allows faster draw and easy re-holster
  • All BlackHawk CQC SERPA Technology holsters come withboth belt loop and paddle platforms

  • UPLULA, Universal Pistol Loader / Unloader - $27.99

    Loads Pistol Magazines Fast, Protects Fingers & Thumbs Hand-held loader fills standard centerfire pistol magazines quicklyand easily, so you spend less range time loading mags and more of itshooting. Smooth, positive operation protects fingers and thumbswhile you load hundreds of rounds painlessly�as fast as oneround per second. Also lengthens magazine life by reducing wear andtear on feed lips. One size fits all; no inserts, spacers, oradjustments needed to change calibers. Hold the magazine uprightwith the bottom resting on a solid surface. Place the loader overthe top of the mag, press down lightly while squeezing the lever todepress the follower, drop in a round, and work the lever quickly topush it into the mag. Repeat the process until the magazine is full.Constructed from tough, reinforced, black polymer. Locks closed whennot in use, so it takes up minimal space in pocket or range bag. Fits single and double stack 9mm, .357, .40, 10mm, and .45 ACPmagazines, plus some .380 mags. Will not load Glock 6-round singlestack .45 caliber or Smith & Wesson 7-round single stack 9mm, ormagazines with less than 8mm between feed lips.

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    Hoppe's Pistol Bore Snakes - Always on sale for $13.99.

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