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Friday, April 24, 2015

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Recommended AR-15 / M4 Accessories

What is one of the top reasons for the M4's popularity? Simple, its modularity, ease of updating and versatility.  As many reasons and needs that there are for a firearm,  there are as many accessories you can add to your rifle.

There are plenty of  M4 / AR-15 owners who own several rifles, each with its own set up. There are also many I know who only own one rifle and use it for many purposes. There's a lot of stuff to hang on a rifle that has many purposes. So we have put together a list of affordable accessories that canbe useful for your rifle.

Accu-Wedge Receiver Buffer, $3.99

The Accu-Wedge receiver buffer eliminates the play between your rifle's lower and upper receivers getting rid of rattles and slop. A tighter fit is achieved and in some cases, better accuracy. A one minute install, and only $3.99, this little thing has helped many rifle owners achieve a better-feeling rifle.

Maglula AR-15 LULA Magazine Loader and Unloader, $26.99

Absolutely necessary for your range bag. The LULA AR-15 mag loader is your new best friend. Don’t wear out your thumb and fingers before you get behind the trigger by loading your AR magazines with the LULA loader. It fits over the top of all metal and polymer AR mags and loads them fast and effortlessly. The lever at the top engages the magazine’s spring and pushes the rounds down into the magazine. It will also unload magazines if need be. This is a must-have accessory to throw in your range bag.

Magpul Black PMag Magazine, $12.99

It really is no joke when you hear or read about PMags being the best. Magpul has a corner on the polymer magazine market and once you use them, it's clear why. Reliable, durable and most of all—the best value for your money, PMags have a stainless steel spring and an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower. The springs do not wear out or lose tension, even when stored fully loaded. Magpul Pmags work every time. The Magpul PMag holds 30 rounds of .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO and are available in black. Made in the U.S.A.

That's enough for today, we will post on a regular basis other necessary and well made accessories for your rifle.

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