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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Feeling a Bit British

Gunfights and Films

Feeling a bit British

1. Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a 2007 British action comedy directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) that spoofs the conventions of the American "buddy cop" film genre popularized in such films as the Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon series. Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is sent from London to the small, English countryside town of Sandford because his extreme dedication to being a London constable consistently upstages his colleagues. When he arrives in Sandford, he uncovers a plot by a small cabal of residents to rid the town of anything and anyone they find disrupts the peace and harmony they strive for.

Nicholas Angel is undoubtedly London's finest constable. With an arrest record that far surpasses that of any other officer, he continues to undergo training to better his skills. This makes his fellow constables look lazy as well as incompetent, so they have him forcibly promoted and transferred to Sandford, a quaint country village with the lowest crime rate in the country.

Sandford is as quiet as it is advertised. On his first night in the village, Nick takes it upon himself to  bounce out under-age drinkers from the local pub, then arresting them for disorderly conduct in the streets. One of  the gentleman he arrests in the street turns out to be  his new partner, Danny Butterman, a doughy, affable fellow who happens to be the son of Frank, the village's chief of police. Nick meets his fellow constables who, with the exception of the smug Andy's, are entertaining but neither adept at nor much interested in investigative police work. The only other people who seem interested in law and order are the Neighborhood Watch Alliance, a group of long-time residents who care deeply about maintaining Sandford's reputation as the nation's best village and are concerned about the arrival of street performers and other "riffraff". Danny takes a particular intrerest in Nick's past and constantly asks questions. This is part of the comedy of the intempt cop and the pro. Danny is certain Nick's time in London was filled with the kind of blazing action he has seen in American action films like Point Break and Bad Boys II.

For a few days, Nick's most exciting moments are chasing a runaway swan and then a shoplifter, and confiscating the arsenal a local farmer has collected over the years, including a rusty sea mine. He also pulls over for speeding the local solicitor and his much younger girlfriend. The two of them are on their way to perform in their "homage" to Shakespeare, a dreadful updating of Romeo and Juliet. After the performance, the two would-be Thespians are brutally murdered by a dark-cloaked figure with a hatchet. Their bodies are then strewn about in the road where Nick and Danny had pulled them over for speeding and their car wrecked to make their deaths appear to be a gory traffic accident. The other police officers are content with explanation, despite Nick's concerns about the lack of skid marks at the scene.

The next day Nicholas and Danny are tipped off to a possession of illegal weapons outside of the city. They go to the farmhouse with the entire crew - and Saxon. But it's not the dog they need. It seems Saxon's trainer is the only one who can understand the guy in charge of the farm, who shows Sgt. Angel the impressive collection of weapons that he's managed to stash. Nicholas is floored at this very dangerous and highly illegal collection. He, Danny and the rest of the officers haul in the collection. To celebrate, Danny invites Nicholas out to an evening at the local pub, where he encourages Nicholas to order more than just his usual cranberry juice. He proceeds to have several pints of lager, and the pair escort local businessman George Merchant back to his estate. They then head back to Danny's pad, where Danny invites Nicholas inside. There, he shows Nicholas how to switch off and unveils his incredibly impressive DVD collection. While they're watching Point Break and Bad Boys II, another "accident" is being setup involving George Merchant and his rather posh estate, which the NWA doesn't find keeping in with the villages' rustic aesthetic.

Once again, they're called to the scene of yet another accident - this time it appears that George Merchant is dead and the accident was covered with an application of bacon and beans. But Nicholas knows that George Merchant wasn't killed in an accidental explosion - he once again believes this is murder. It just seems to be a town that is very accident prone and no one finds it odd.

The following Saturday it's time for the town fair. Nicholas is unfortunately strapped with working security. Danny wants to see Nick's sharp shooting skills during a game - he does so and wins a cuddly monkey. While a local lottery is being held for some rather nice prizes, Nicholas is greeted by the reporter Tim Messenger. He sees Leslie Tiller telling him something. Messenger tells Nicholas to meet him behind the church at 3:00. While drawing the next name for the lottery - which happens to be Tim Messenger, the church clock strikes 3:00. Nicholas stops what he's doing and quickly runs behind the church - but once again it's too late. It appears that a large part of the church roof has fallen on Messenger and decapitated him. Frank quickly rules it an accident but Nicholas suspects otherwise.

At this point Nicholas is furious at the rest of his department - who are still believing that the deaths are accidents. But Frank reassures him otherwise, and while Nicholas is busy putting the pieces together of these horrific crimes, the rest of the department informs him that it's Danny's birthday.

Nick goes to the local flower shop to buy a peace lily for Danny as a birthday present. He is surprised to see the shop's proprietor, renowned for her horticultural skills, leaving town. She tells him that the land she owns was to be bought by the businessman with the assistance of the Thespians. Then, when they were both killed, the reporter informed her that her land was much more valuable than what the businessman offered her, so she has sold her shop to a land developer from the city. She also reveals her connections to Skinner. When Nick briefly goes outside to his car, the dark cloaked figure stabs the woman to death with her garden shears. Nick gives chase but cannot catch up to the villain, who was wounded in the escape. Convinced that Skinner's connection to the property deal and attitude toward those murdered is sufficient evidence against Skinner, Nick takes the police force to confront him. But Skinner has no wound and his store's surveillance tapes establish that he was on the premises all day. Conveniently it all wraps up as to make Nick look appear to be some kind of mad man for the insinuation.

Nick is prepared to give up when it occurs to him that instead of a single murderer, several dark-cloaked murderers might be working together. This theory is confirmed when he is attacked in his hotel room by one of Skinner's employees, who is wearing a dark cloak. Nick defeats him and then impersonates him when Skinner radios to see if Nick has been killed. Nick traces Skinner to a castle outside of the village. There he finds the Neighborhood Watch Alliance, clad in the dark cloaks, chanting ritualistically. The NWA reveals that they have all been behind the murders, with their motive simply being civic pride, "for the greater good".  Nick tries to arrest them but Frank and Danny appear in support of the NWA. They chase Nick through the grounds of the castle, where he finds the remains of other people the NWA has killed. The NWA surrounds Nick, and Danny steps forward and stabs him. Danny takes Nick's body away in the boot of his car.

At a safe distance, he lets the quite-alive Nick go -- they had faked Nick's death using ketchup packets for blood and Nick's notebook to avoid actual skin penetration. Danny refuses to believe his father and the NWA are responsible for murder and persuades Nick to take his car and return to London. In London, Nick sees a collection of action film videos and, inspired, returns to Sandford to put an end to the NWA. This sequence is one of the best gun fights in film. The multiple shooters, the secret spots, it's just a fun gun fight. He takes the arsenal from the police evidence room and confronts many of the NWA members in the town square. They are equally as well armed as he is, and he vanquishes them only through the timely assistance of Danny.

In the local pub (whose owners are also NWA members), Frank and the other constables, in full riot gear, surround Nick and Danny. But Nick is able to persuade the constables that he is in the right. Frustrated, Frank runs away. Nick and the other officers go to the supermarket to apprehend Skinner, but when his employees put up a spirited fight, Skinner is able to escape with Frank. Danny and Nick give pursuit in their police car, and in the process find the runaway swan. Skinner and Frank are forced to abandon their car, and Nick and Danny give chase on foot. Nick and Skinner fight in a scale replica of the village, and Nick wins when Skinner falls and impales his chin on model of the village church, though this doesn't kill him. Frank tries to flee in Nick and Danny's car, but crashes into a tree when the swan attacks him.

Nick's former London superiors arrive in Sandford to congratulate him and ask him to return, as London has become crime ridden in his absence. Nick refuses because he has made such good friends and finally learned to enjoy life in Sandford. However, at the station, the last remaining member of the NWA tries to kill him. Danny takes the full brunt of the gun blast, and in the ensuing chase, the sea mine is detonated, destroying the station house.

No one actually ends up dead but do get wounded. However, we see that Danny is promoted to Sargent and Nick becomes the Inspector. Danny and Nick continue to patrol the streets of Sandford together with idolizing the heroes Marcus and Mike from the Bad Boys films.

Simon Pegg does a great job with all his films but this one has such an epic gun fight sequences I'll include three but to watch the first one go here:

Let's take a look at some of those weapons!

Amanda Paver  pulls out a pair of .380 ACP Walther PPKs from her bicycle basket and proceeds to shoot them while cycling towards Sgt. Angel

Walther PPK - .380 ACP

 Paver is never without her Walther PPKs, or her thermos.

Early on in the film Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) fires a round from his Heckler & Koch G36C fitted with a standard G36 carry handle, laser pointer and tactical flashlight during a CO19 operation.

               Heckler & Koch G36C with an attached G36K-type carry handle - 5.56x45mm

                                        Angel checks the stairs with his G36C at the ready

When Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) takes on the town, he brings the British variant of the FN FAL, the L1A1 SLR. This is an early model L1A1 with wooden furniture and the original cylindrical wood carry handle.

L1A1 SLR, early model with wood furniture and cylindrical carry handle - 7.62x51mm NATO

Joyce Cooper (Billie Whitelaw) uses a World War II-vintage Austrian Steyr-Solothurn S1-100 (or better known as the "MP34" in WWII German service) submachine gun when Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) starts to take on Sandford. PC Doris Thatcher (Olivia Colman) uses the same S1-100/MP34 for the rest of the film.

      Steyr-Solothurn S1-100/MP34 submachine gun - 9mm.

To grab a great sling at a great price make sure to check us out -

                                               Joyce fires the Steyr-Solothurn S1-100.

This movie has great dialogue and is cleverly written. There are a lot more weapons but you can view those here:

Grab a date, grab some snacks and watch some other films with Simon Pegg.

2. Transporter 2

Released in 2005 this is the second in a trilogy of tales  of a mercenary named Frank Martin, who specializes moving goods of all kinds, this time in Miami, Florida when he's implicated in the kidnapping of the young son of a powerful USA official

Frank Martin has relocated from southern France to Miami, Florida. As a favor, he becomes a temporary chauffeur for the wealthy Billings family. The marriage of Jefferson and Audrey Billings  is under great strain due to the demands of his high profile government job. Frank bonds with their son, Jack, whom he drives to and from elementary school in his new Audi A8 W12. Later, a somewhat drunk Audrey shows up at Frank's home and tries to seduce him, but he tactfully sends her home. Frank prepares for the arrival of Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand), his detective friend from France, who has come to spend his holiday in Florida with Frank. When Frank takes Jack for a medical checkup, he realizes barely in time that impostors have killed and replaced the doctor and receptionist. A lengthy fight erupts between villains, led by Lola, and the unarmed Frank. Frank is able to escape with Jack, but just as they arrive at Jack's house, he receives a phone call informing him he and Jack are in the sights of a sniper capable of penetrating the car's bulletproof glass. Frank is forced to let Lola into the car; they speed away with Jack, shaking off many pursuing police cars. They arrive at a warehouse, where Frank meets Gianni the ringleader of the operation. Frank is ordered to leave without Jack. He discovers an explosive attached to the car and succeeds in removing it prior to detonation. Jack is returned to his family after the payment of a ransom, but unknown to them and Frank, Jack has been injected with a deadly virus that will eventually kill anyone who the child breathes on. Suspected by everyone except Audrey of being one of the kidnappers, Frank tracks down one of the fake doctors, Dimitri (Jason Flemyng), with Tarconi's assistance. Frank pretends to infect Dimitri with the same virus, then lets him escape. Dimitri panics and hurries to a lab to get the cure killing Tipov, with Frank following behind. Frank kills Dimitri, but when Frank refuses to bargain with him, the doctor in charge of the lab hurls the only two vials containing the antidote out of the window into traffic. Frank manages to retrieve only one vial intact. Frank sneaks back into the Billings home and tells an already ailing Audrey what is happening. He uses the antidote on Jack. Meanwhile, a coughing Jefferson, the director of National Drug Control Policy, addresses the heads of many anti-drug organizations from around the world at a conference. Frank drives to the house of Gianni, who has decided to inject himself with the remaining supply of antidote as a precaution. After dispatching Gianni's many henchmen, Frank has the archvillain at gunpoint. Gianni explains that a Colombian drug cartel is paying him to get rid of its enemies, and that Frank cannot risk killing him, for his death would render the antidote unusable. Then an armed Lola shows up, leading to a Mexican standoff. Gianni leaves Lola to deal with Frank. Frank finally manages to kill her by kicking her into a wine rack with sharp metal points. Frank tracks Gianni, who is making an escape in his helicopter to a waiting jet. Using a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster from Gianni's garage, Frank speeds to the airport and boards Gianni's jet by driving onto the runway and climbing onto the jet's nose gear. Frank gets into the interior of the plane and confronts Gianni, who pulls a gun on him. When they wrestle for it, a round kills the pilot and the plane crashes into the ocean. Frank incapacitates Gianni by paralyzing him (rendering him immobile while preserving the antidote in his system), then pushes his captive and himself out of the sinking plane. Boats converge to pick them up. The Billings are given the antidote. When Frank visits them in the hospital, before entering their room, he sees them with Jack, who is joking with them. He silently walks back to his car, where Tarconi is waiting. He drops his friend at the airport. Alone, Frank receives a call from a man who needs a transporter.

There are a lot of scenes filled with different fighting styles and with different types of weapons but let's take a look at a couple that were pretty prevalent.

In several scenes, a gunslinging femme fatale named Lola (Kate Nauta) wields twin Glock 17s modified to fire full auto and fitted with suppressors, laser sights, and extended high capacity magazines; even using one to shoot down a Miami PD helicopter. The Glocks, and several other weapons in the film, seem to fire some kind of tracer round, as the rounds can be seen flying through the air. Most definitely an effect added in post production as no film crew in their right mind would use live ammunition for a shoot.

                               Glock 17 9x19mm with 33-round extended magazine

                                            Lola drawing one of her Glocks on the nurse.

To watch the doctor's office scene you can do so here:


The U.S. Marshals Frank encounters at the doctor's office and the FBI agents at the Billing's residence can be seen carrying SIG-Sauer P226 pistols, though are quickly relieved of them via Frank's martial arts skills. Dimitri (Jason Flemyng) can be also be seen using one when Frank raids his apartment. He fires it at Frank (who easily dodges the shots) and he throws it away when it jams on him. A stainless SIG-Sauer P226 can be seen in the trunk of Frank's Car, along with a few magazines, a tactical knife, smoke grenades, and a few spare suits.

                                                 SIGSauer P226 9x19mm

                               U.S. Marshal Brown (Marc Macaulay) with a SIG-Sauer P226.

                           Dimitri loading his P226 as he is packing his stuff in his apartment

When Frank (Jason Statham) makes his raid on Gianni's home, he carries a stainless steel Jericho 941 R pistol.

                                             Jericho 941 R - 9x19mm

                   We get a look of the Jericho's business end as Frank prepares to drop it.

To see more of the weapons used in this film you can go to:

There are three different films in the Transporter franchise with a fourth in the works. Each film leads in chase scenes, innovative fight scenes and highly choreographed action. I love these films. Grab all your friends make some Madelines and enjoy some Jason Statham in your life.

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Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

For more info on these and other weapons
Technical specs compiled from:

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Gunfights and Films, Redux

Gunfights and Films

We all know the story of Bonnie & Clyde but in the early 90's two couples stood out as modern day versions of the infamous vintage duo. We are taking a look today at two of those tales that were written by Tarantino but not directed by him. You can take not that while there are many similarities between the two couples, the plot lines, twists and cinematography are two completely different worlds. Let's take the a look at trail of blood brought on by these two chaotic, dreamy eyed and crazed couples.

Natural Born Killers

 is a 1994 dark satire directed by Oliver Stone from an original story written by Quentin Tarantino. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis star in the film as a pair of love struck criminals whose killing spree across the United States sparks a media frenzy. The film gained controversy upon its release due to its perceived glorification of the carnage their romance left in it's wake.  The way this film was edited is in a very distinctive style, with some scenes to seeming to be gritty and  grainy, some in B&W, and others in different color filters. It was groundbreaking and stylistic and new for this era of film.

The film opens up with a our first glimpse at Mickey Knox and his wife Mallory in a roadside café in the New Mexico desert. They appear to be normal customers, with Mickey eating key lime pie and Mallory dancing to rock 'n' roll on the jukebox. A group of rednecks arrive and one begins dancing and flirting with Mallory. She encourages him for a moment, then attacks him without provocation by smashing his beer bottle as he drinks from it. A fistfight ensues, with Mallory beating the man. When the redneck's friend intervenes, Mickey cuts off one of the cowboy's fingers and stabs him with a large Bowie-style knife. Mickey and Mallory then proceed to murder the diner's patrons, culminating in a morbid game of "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" to decide who lives and who dies among the last 2 customers. After executing their final victim the couple makes sure their only survivor, a cook, remembers their names before they embrace and declare their undying love for each other.

The film frequently cuts back and forth in a non-sequential order which begins with Mickey and Mallory in a desert at night. Mallory is reminiscing about when they first met. A flashback shows Mickey as a butcher's deliveryman who came to the house where Mallory lived with her abusive father , her neglectful mother, and her younger brother Kevin. The flashback is portrayed as a 1950s-type sitcom with a canned laughter track, the laugh track hits the  hardest when Mallory is subjected to lewd comments and hints of molestation by her father.Mickey instantly falls in love with Mallory. They leave together, with Mickey stealing Mallory's father's car. Mickey is arrested and imprisoned for grand theft auto, but he subsequently escapes on a horse while on a work farm during a tornado and makes it back  to Mallory's house. The two kill her father by beating him with a jack handle and drowning him in a fish tank, then burn her mother alive in bed. They spare her ten-year-old brother, Mallory telling him that he is free. They leave to rapturous applause from the canned audience.

Returning to Mickey and Mallory we watch as they proceed to get their version of married. They are   on the side of a bridge, cutting their palms and mixing their blood. They drive to a motel for the night. After watching television, they settle into normal marital affairs until  Mickey is distracted by their female hostage. Furious with Mickey's notion that they have a threesome, Mallory drives to a nearby gas station, where she flirts with the mechanic. They begin to have sex on the hood of a car, but Mallory is angered by his over-aggressive oral sex and end up shooting him to death for his lack of attentiveness to her needs.

As the movie continues to unfold the pair continue their killing-spree (which bears similarities to Bonnie and Clyde and the Starkweather-Fugate murders), ultimately claiming 48 victims along Route 666 in New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Pursuing them are two characters who see the murderers as a chance to acquire fame for themselves and cash in on the media hype.

The first is a policeman, Detective Jack Scagnetti, who seems particularly fascinated by Mallory. Scagnetti is already a well-known personality, a published author and  whose book "Scagnetti on Scagnetti" is a best-seller. Scagnetti has a lifelong obsession with mass murderers after witnessing his mother shot and killed by Charles Whitman in Austin, Texas when he was eight. Despite his heroic facade, he is actually sociopathic, and at one point strangles a prostitute to death in a hotel room.

The second follower of the killers is journalist Wayne Gale. He is an Australian who hosts a show called American Maniacs, which profiles mass murderers. Various clips of Mickey and Mallory are shown, with Gale acting outraged on-screen as he details the pair's crimes, although off-air he clearly regards their crimes as a fantastic way of increasing his show's ratings. He is meant to personify the Hollywood greed and reality show addiction of the early 90's.  It is Gale who is primarily responsible for elevating Mickey and Mallory to hero status, with his show featuring interviews with people around the world expressing their admiration for the killers.

Mickey and Mallory become lost in the desert and encounter Warren Red Cloud, a Navajo Indian, and his pre-adolescent grandson. After the two fall asleep, the Navajo, hoping to expel the demon he perceives in Mickey, begins chanting beside the fire, invoking nightmares in Mickey about his abusive parents. Mickey wakes up in a rage and fatally shoots the Navajo before he realizes what he is doing. It is the first time Mallory and Mickey feel guilty for a murder. While fleeing from the scene through the desert, they stray into a field of rattlesnakes and are both bitten.

What follows is a bit like watching a cartoonish version of a bad LSD trip. They drive to a drugstore to find snake antivenin, but the pharmacist sets off the silent alarm before Mickey kills him. Police cars pull up. Mallory is captured immediately and is subsequently beaten by the sadistic and brutish police. A gunfight breaks out between Mickey and the others. Scagnetti arrives. He tells Mickey that unless he surrenders, he'll cut off Mallory's breasts, slashing her a few times with his knife. Mickey gives up his gun, but he attacks Scagnetti with a knife. The police use tasers on him, and the scene ends with Mickey and Mallory being beaten by a group of vengeful policemen.

The story picks up one year later and the homicidal couple have been imprisoned for that time period. Both are due to be moved to a mental hospital after being declared insane. Scagnetti arrives at the prison and encounters Dwight McClusky, the sleazy and abusive warden of the prison. The two devise a plan to murder the two criminals. McClusky will arrange for Scagnetti to be the driver for the Knox's transfer. Alone with the pair, Scagnetti will murder them, then claim that they tried to escape.

Wayne Gale has persuaded Mickey to agree to a live interview, to air immediately after the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Mallory is held in solitary confinement elsewhere in the prison, awaiting her transport to the mental hospital.During the interview, Mickey gives a speech about how murder provides enlightenment and declares himself a natural born killer. His words inspire the other inmates that are  watching the interview on TV in the recreation room, it's then they decide to incite a riot.

McClusky orders the interview terminated over Gale's violent protests. Mickey is left alone with Gale, the film's crew and several guards. Using a lengthy joke as a diversion, Mickey overpowers a guard and grabs his shotgun and kills most of the guards and some of Gale's crew. Mickey takes the survivors hostage, artfully leading them through the prison riot. Gale continues to follow, thereby giving a live television report as people are beaten and killed around him.

We cut to Scagnetti in Mallory's cell. He attempts to seduce her. Mallory plays along for a short time, then attacks Scagnetti violently, smashing his face against the wall and breaking his nose. The guards and Scagnetti subdue her.

While they are still live on national television, Mickey breaks into Mallory's cell and engages in a brief Mexican Standoff with Scagnetti, eventually feigning a concession. Mallory then approaches Scagnetti from behind and slashes his throat with a shank. Mickey then reveals that the shotgun was unloaded, much to Scagnetti's horror. Mallory then picks up Scagnetti's loaded gun and kills him.

They continue to escape through the riot-torn prison, with two guards as hostages. The remainder of Gale's TV crew are killed. Gale himself snaps and begins to shoot at the guards, claiming he feels alive for the first time in his shallow life.

After being rescued by a mysterious prisoner named Owen Traft, the trio of Mickey, Mallory and Gale run into Warden McClusky and a heavily armed posse of guards. Cavanaugh, the guard they'd taken hostage, is shot to death by McClusky's men. In retaliation, Mallory shoots Gale thru his hand & they retreat, taking cover in a blood-splattered shower room.

McClusky threatens to storm the shower room. Mickey in turn threatens to kill both Gale and the guard on live TV. The prisoners walk out the front door. McCluskey and his guards are massacred by hordes of inmates who burst into the area. They proceed to tear McClusky apart, literally tearing his head off and displaying it on a spike (a shot removed from the theatrical showing and seen in the director's cut only).

After the escape, Owen is never seen or mentioned again. Mickey and Mallory steal a van and kill the last guard. Escaping to a rural location, they give a final interview to Wayne Gale before, much to his surprise and horror, they tell him he must die. Gale attempts various arguments to change their minds, finally appealing to their trademark practice of leaving one witness to tell the tale. Mickey inform him they are leaving his camera as the witness. Gale accepts his fate and extends his arms as if on a cross as they execute him by shooting him numerous times while his unattended camera continues to roll.

The violent fairy tale ends with the couple several years later in an RV, with Mickey driving and a pregnant Mallory watching their two children play.

Twisted, dark and visceral Natural Born Killers has the dialogue of Tarantino but the sharp direction of Oliver Stone in a cinematic match made in Heaven. Let's take a look at a couple of the weapons used in this macabre love story.

Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson) uses a Beretta 93R during the opening murders in the diner. He later uses it alongside his Wildey Hunter during the drug store shootout.

                                                                                      Beretta 93R - 9x19mm

                                              Mickey blows on the barrel of the Beretta.

To watch the opening diner scene you can watch it here:

                                    Mickey shoots the drug store clerk for tripping the alarm.

To watch the scene in the pharmacy you can watch here:

Det. Jack Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore) carries a chrome Desert Eagle, which fits his flashy personality. Mallory Knox (Juliette Lewis) later uses it to shoot him during the prison riot scene.

                                                                IMI Desert Eagle MK VII - .357 Magnum

                    Scagnetti holds his Desert Eagle on Mallory after she attacks him in her cell.

                                         Mallory holds Scagnetti's own Desert Eagle on him.

For more information on the array of weapons used in this film go to

Grab some popcorn and get ready for a surrealistic adventure of violence and enjoy the twisted adventures of Natural Born Killers this weekend.

True Romance

is a 1993 romantic crime film that stars Christian Slater as Clarence and Patricia Arquette as Alabama, two young lovers who decide to travel to Los Angeles to sell off a suitcase full of cocaine that they took from Alabama's drug-dealing pimp. In their journey, they are pursued by both the mob and law enforcement. The film was directed by Tony Scott from a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino, the very first that he sold to Hollywood.

Comic book store clerk and film buff Clarence Worley is seen watching a Sonny Chiba triple feature at a Detroit movie theater for his birthday. Here he meets Alabama Whitman, an attractive young woman with a lot of personality. After the two have sex, she tearfully confesses that she is a call girl hired by Clarence's boss as a birthday present. She also confesses that Clarence is her first client. She quickly falls in love with Clarence and he with her.The very next day, they marry.

However, there are some loose strings to tie up, for example - Alabama's volatile pimp, Drexl Spivey. An apparition of his idol, Elvis Presley, tells him that killing Drexl will make the world a better place. Clarence decides he must get rid of Drexl for Alabama and society.  Clarence stands up to the intimidating Drexl and tells him to leave Alabama alone. Drexl assaults and subdues Clarence and takes his wallet. Clarence draws a gun and kills Drexl and a henchman. He grabs a bag that he assumes belongs to Alabama. When he tells Alabama he killed Drexl, she sobs and finds it to be the greatest act of love she's experienced.

Upon opening the suitcase, the two discover it is full of stolen cocaine. Clarence and Alabama decide to leave for California immediately. First they pay a visit to Clarence's father, Clifford Worley, a security guard and ex-cop. Clarence wants to find out if he is in the clear regarding Drexl's murder. Clifford tells him that the police assume it to be a drug-related killing.

In Los Angeles, the young couple plans to meet Clarence's old friend Dick Ritchie, an aspiring actor with ties to folks in L.A. that would purchase the drugs. Later we see that  Clifford is ambushed in his home by gangster Vincenzo Coccotti and his men, who tracked him by using Clarence's wallet. They want the drugs taken from Drexl, their underling. Clifford refuses to reveal where his son has gone. Accepting that he is going to die anyway, he insults Coccotti, who angrily shoots Clifford dead before finding a note on the fridge giving Clarence's whereabouts in L.A.

Clarence plans to use Dick's contacts with an actor named Elliot to sell the drugs to a famous film producer, Lee Donowitz. Elliot, who has some of Clarence's cocaine is stopped while speeding while having a tryst with a beautiful actress and is arrested for drug possession. Believing Clarence's story of getting the drugs from a dirty cop, he informs on Donowitz's drug deal to escape prison time. Elliot is weak and easy to manipulate into doing the cops will.

Alabama is found alone in their hotel room and interrogated by one of Coccotti's henchmen, Virgil, who viciously beats her. Alabama fights back and with luck and a corkscrew manages to kill him. She and Clarence talk of moving to Cancún with the money from the drug deal.

Knowing that Elliot's cocaine was uncut, and with Elliot "confessing" in order to avoid prison, L.A. detectives Nicholson  and Dimes conclude that a sizable drug deal is about to go down. Promising him that he can avoid prison in return for cooperation, the two detectives have Elliot wear a wire to the deal. Coccotti's men learn where the deal is going down from Dick's drugged-out roommate Floyd and they all converge on Lee Donowitz's hotel.

As a fan of his film work, Clarence makes a good impression on Lee. But shortly into this meeting they are then ambushed by both the cops and gangsters who, coincidentally, break in almost at the same time. In the middle of a Mexican standoff, Lee realizes that Elliot is an informant and berates him, throwing a hot pot of coffee on him, causing a massive shootout. Dick abandons the drugs and flees. Clarence is shot in the eye when he exits the bathroom, devastating Alabama. While Dimes kills one of Donowitz's men, Alabama  then shoots and kills Dimes ending the battle. Lee, Elliot, the police, gangsters and bodyguards are all killed.

Clarence manages to  survive but is  partially blinded. He and Alabama escape as more police swarm the hotel. The tale ends when they are shown as a happy family on a beach in Cancún, with a son they have named Elvis.

Some very famous actors played small but vital parts throughout this film but let's take a look a the other stars of the film, the weapons used.

Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) uses a snub-nose Smith & Wesson Model 66 in the first half of the film. This revolver manages to fire 7 shots when Clarence shoots it out with Drexl.

               Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub with 2.5" barrel & Pachmayr Grips - .357 Magnum

                                     Clarence draws his Smith & Wesson revolver on Drexl.

              Clarence bursts into the hotel room where Alabama had just been assaulted.

To watch the scene with Drexl you can watch it here:

Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) packs a Smith & Wesson Model 625 revolver throughout the second half of the film, after taking it from Virgil (James Gandolfini). He uses it to intimidate Elliot (Bronson Pinchot). In the uncensored Director's Cut of the film, Alabama (Patricia Arquette) also uses it during the final shootout, after she thinks Clarence is dead.

Smith & Wesson Model 625 - .45 ACP. This is the screen used Smith & Wesson Model 625 revolver. Being a massive N-frame .45 ACP revolver, it makes all the actor's hands look small.

Virgil draws his Model 625, but Alabama sprays him with a make-shift flamethrower made from a hair spray bottle and lighter.

                              Elliot (Bronson Pinchot) is threatened with the revolver.

Alabama fires the revolver in the Director's Cut.

To watch the final shootout you can do so here:

To see what other weapons were used in this film you can go here:

True Romance is a quirky, heart warming and strange love story with catchy dialogue and a stylized flair. Grab some snacks and a couple beers and settle into some celluloid bliss this weekend.

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Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

For more info on these and other weapons
Technical specs compiled from:

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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More Gun Fights and Films

More Gun Fights and Films

Sometimes heroes are pint sized women that come through things in life that just make 'em a little tougher for it. Today we look at two films with some incredible fight scenes and clever heroes in a both an up to date modern world and as contrast a fantasy film focused on escape from the modern world. Both films required incredible skill in filmmaking, careful choreography, intense cinematography and delivered all that and more. Let's take a look at these films and the weapons used.

1. Kick-Ass

Dave Lizewski  opens the film with a narration about how superheroes came into existence. A man in a superhero costume stands on a skyscraper above a crowd ready to show the world his new flight suit. He jumps as people cheer before crashing into a taxi and dying. Dave comments that the man isn't him; just a delusional mental patient. He introduces himself as 'Kick-Ass' and begins recounting his life story.

He begins by taking us to the past six months. Dave is a bit of a social misfit;a natural-born geek, a nobody at his high school, and invisible to all the girls. He has two good friends, Todd and Marty, and they spend most of their time at the local comic book store. When Dave was 14, his mother died suddenly of an aneurysm and that's when he noticed that, even when things change, they simply stay the same. He is in love with Katie Deauxma but she barely notices him. A genuinely nice guy, he tries to reach out to people, including Chris D'Amico  the spoiled but lonely son of a local mobster, however this plan fails miserably. When he attempts to casually talk to Chris, his bodyguard scares Dave away because Chris is not allowed to have friends. One day, following a conversation about superheroes at the comic book café, Dave and Todd are robbed by a pair of street gang members. This event inspires Dave to become a superhero and fight crime. He orders a green colored diving suit off the internet, fits two batons to the back, and starts training to become a crime fighter.

After a montage showing us the time spent in his physical training, Dave sees the two men who robbed him and Todd trying to break into a car. Dave dons his suit and confronts them which leads to a fight. It ends when Dave is brutally stabbed and the robbers run off. Dave stumbles away only to be hit by a car which quickly drives off. However, an ambulance shortly arrives and rushes Dave to the hospital. En route, though clinging to life, Dave begs the paramedic to hide his suit. Dave is brought to the hospital naked which starts rumors about the circumstances that led to his admittance, it's  implied to be related to male prostitution.

Dave is almost as good as new after some time passes. His injuries left him with metal plating covering most of his skull and interior and he possesses a higher threshold for pain thanks to frayed nerve endings. He returns to school and is shocked when Katie begins talking to him, but Marty explains that she likes that type of guy and tells Dave that the entire school thinks he's a gay prostitute. Though he is at first horrified by this, Dave comes to accept his new social standing, seeing it as the only way to be close to Katie. Despite the setbacks his debilitating fight caused, Dave is still determined to be a superhero and sets up a MySpace account for his alter ego: Kick-Ass.

While looking for a lost cat one night, Dave notices three men viciously attacking a fourth man in front of a diner. Immediately, Dave rushes to the man's aid and successfully beats off the attackers, his metal plating and inability to feel pain providing an advantage. Some patrons from the diner record the fight along with Dave's formal introduction of his alter ego and post it on YouTube. Kick-Ass becomes an internet phenomenon and is quickly circulated throughout the media. Chris watches the latest reports with his parents, Frank D'Amico and Angie as his father criticizes Kick-Ass's apparent lack of skill.

Across town, Frank's thugs are torturing one of his associates who claims that a man resembling Batman attacked their cocaine dealers and stole all of their drugs. Thinking it far more likely that the associate stole the cocaine for a profit, Frank has him tortured and killed before taking his son Chris out to the movies. Frank surrounds himself with a posse of thugs/bodyguards wherever he goes for both intimidation and to protect himself from family members of rivals and people he's killed. Later on, Frank learns that his earlier assumption about his missing shipment was incorrect, so he sends his men to take care of a Russian mobster whom he believes is really responsible for messing with his shipments.

We next cut to a scene where ex-policeman Damon MacReady  points a gun at his 11-year-old daughter, Mindy, and shoots her in the chest. Mindy stands up, shocked by the force of the bullet but impressed with how effectively her bullet-proof vest absorbed it. They watch the reports on Kick-Ass. Damon is not impressed and sees Kick-Ass as a wannabe rookie but Mindy thinks he has potential. Framed as a drug dealer by Frank D'Amico, Damon was relieved of his duty as an officer and sent to prison for five years which led to his wife's suicide and left Mindy in the care of Damon's partner, Marcus. Damon vowed revenge against Frank and began training to become a vigilante. Once his term was served, he was reunited with Mindy and began training her as well, against Marcus's wishes.  Marcus finds Damon and begs with him to end his vendetta before dirty cop Detective Gigante or D'Amico finds him. He asks to see Mindy but, seeing the futility of the attempt, leaves, telling Damon he owes Mindy a real childhood. Damon colors a large, comic book-style hit list and hangs it on the wall.

As Kick-Ass, Dave continues to save people and gathers more supporters over the internet. As Katie's 'gay' best friend, he is able to get closer to her and begins to get to know her as a person. One day, she mentions that a meth addict named Rasul, who frequents the clinic she volunteers at, robbed her and smacked her around, refusing to leave her alone. Dave convinces her to message Kick-Ass. That night, Kick-Ass finds Rasul at his apartment and attempts to intimidate him, but fails. As Rasul and his gang members are about to castrate Kick-Ass, Mindy, dressed in her vigilante outfit as Hit-Girl with a purple wig and cape, shoots through the window and fights off all the gang members with knives and a long spear until they are all dead. As a surviving gang member sneaks up behind her, Mindy's father shoots him through the head with his sniper rifle from an opposite building. She introduces herself to Kick-Ass as Hit-Girl and begins stealing all of the gang members' money and guns. Kick-Ass asks what's going on and Hit-Girl tells him to come with her. They go to the roof and Hit-Girl jumps across the rooftops to join her father, dressed as his alter ego, Big Daddy. Kick-Ass is too afraid to follow and the other two leave disappointed. Dave returns home, removes his mask, and cries himself to sleep. He laments that he's just an incompetent, overgrown child and that there are other people better suited for his job as a superhero.

That same night, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl pay Dave a visit at his house. They tell him that they were able to easily back-trace his MySpace account and the three have a chat. Big Daddy tells Dave that he is doing okay but that he has potential to be better. They tell him that if he ever needs to reach them he should decorate his MySpace page with an 'On Vacation' banner and they will find a way to contact him.

Meanwhile, Frank D'Amico learns that there are actual vigilantes fighting against his organization and becomes pretty upset. Chris wants to get in on the business, but Frank pushes him aside. He becomes extremely tense and paranoid, going so far as to kill a Kick-Ass imitator in broad daylight, thinking the phony to be the real thing. He contacts Detective Gigante and tells him to 'take care' of Kick-Ass. Gigante admits that Kick-Ass is in a relatively gray area, but he'll do his best. Chris offers an alternative solution: let him don his own superhero alter ego called the Red Mist. As such, Chris will frame one of D'Amico's incompetent associates and trick Kick-Ass into trusting him before leading him into an ambush.

Chris executes his plan while Dave becomes more and more discouraged. As Red Mist, Chris makes contact with Kick-Ass and requests to become his sidekick, since Kick-Ass is the one who inspired him. Red Mist shows Kick-Ass his flashy sports car and they drive off to the D'Amico stronghold, only to see it burning to the ground. Kick-Ass rushes inside to see if he can save anyone but everyone inside is dead, horribly cut and burned. Red Mist grabs a teddy bear from the wall and runs out of the building with Kick-Ass as it explodes. The two part ways and Kick-Ass resolves to give up crime fighting. He goes to Katie's house with the intention of revealing his identity. She sprays mace in his face, calling him a pervert, until he de-masks. Dave confesses his alter ego and tells Katie that he isn't really gay and he loves her.

Meanwhile, Frank D'Amico has seen the destruction of his warehouse and worries for his son until Chris arrives and tells him that Kick-Ass isn't the real threat. He shows Frank the teddy bear which has a Nanny Cam in it. They watch footage of Big Daddy killing all of D'Amico's men and burning the warehouse to the ground. D'Amico convinces Chris to set up a trap to catch Big Daddy.

Dave, having been Kick-Ass free for a week, sees a series of emails from Red Mist requesting his help and decides to go on one last mission. He tells Katie what he is doing and leaves to meet up with Red Mist who tells him that they have a bounty on their heads. Concerned for his allies, Kick-Ass contacts Big Daddy through his MySpace page. Damon and Mindy notice the urgent message while enjoying some hot chocolate and reviewing their latest cache of weaponry. They response to Kick-Ass and instruct him to meet them at one of their safe houses. Red Mist drives Kick-Ass to the location while being followed by D'Amico's men. At the safe house, Red Mist and Kick-Ass are ushered inside by Big Daddy as Hit-Girl waits beside a window. Inside, Red Mist pulls a gun and shoots Hit-Girl twice in the chest. As she falls out of the window, Big Daddy screams and D'Amico's men rush in, beating him and Kick-Ass unconscious. As they put them in the back of a waiting van, Red Mist screams for them to let Kick-Ass go since he considers him a friend and doesn't want to see him hurt. One of the bodyguards takes Big Daddy's bazooka as a reward and drags Red Mist home to his father.

A countdown is announced for the unmasking of Kick-Ass and all of New York City bears witness. Katie is proud of Dave but watches with horror as a live video feed on the internet shows Big Daddy and Kick-Ass handcuffed to chairs awaiting their torture and execution. Marcus also watches solemnly as D'Amico's men begin to brutally beat the two. They pour gasoline over Big Daddy as Hit-Girl, very much alive, sneaks into the hideout. She attacks and kills all of the men inside but one of them manages to set Big Daddy on fire, burning him severely. Hit-Girl extinguishes her father too late and shares one last moment with him before he dies in her arms. Hit-Girl rescues Kick-Ass and takes him back to her father's apartment. There, Dave tries to tell her that it's all over now and they should give up their vigilante lifestyles but Mindy is adamant about finishing what her father started, adding her own fury to avenge her father's death. Realizing that he is responsible for all that's happened, Dave agrees to help her. He takes up a mysterious piece of weaponry that Big Daddy had bought and assembled.

At Frank D'Amico's headquarters, his men are on double alert waiting for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl to show up. In the lobby, the first guards are standing idly on duty when Mindy knocks on the front door, dressed in a school girl outfit. The doorman and guards, having never seen Mindy's face before, open the door to let her in. She tearfully says she can't find her parents so the doorman offers her his phone to call them. As he kneels down, Mindy stuffs the barrel of a handgun into his mouth. The guards realize this too late and Mindy takes them all out with ease. She changes into her Hit-Girl guise and arrives at the penthouse, fighting with speed and stealth and killing more of D'Amico's men. When she runs out of bullets she resorts to throwing knives. A large thug runs to get the bazooka, much to the shock and disgust of both Frank and Chris, while the other thugs pin Hit-Girl behind a counter. The large thug returns with the bazooka as they all hear a mechanic sound near the windows. They look outside to see Kick-Ass hovering upwards with a jet-pack strapped to his back with attaching rapid-fire mini guns protruding over each shoulder. Kick-Ass quickly disposes of the rest of the thugs.

In Frank's office, he and Chris hear the final sounds of the fire fight and think that the thugs were successful. But Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass barge through the door, ready for the final showdown. Frank orders Chris to take on Kick-Ass. Chris is disgruntled but rushes into battle while Frank squares off against Hit Girl.

Kick-Ass and Red Mist face off in an adjacent dojo and knock each other out cold. Hit-Girl battles Frank with ferocity but finds that she has met her match since Frank is highly trained in martial arts. Frank's attacks become increasingly ruthless and he beats Hit-Girl near to a pulp and slams her through a coffee table. He retrieves his gun and prepares to kill Hit-Girl when Kick-Ass appears, suggesting he 'pick on someone his own size'. Frank redirects his gun only to see that Kick-Ass is holding the bazooka. Kick-Ass fires, sending the rocket into Frank and out the window.

Chris comes to and draws a katana, looking for a rematch, but finds Kick-Ass activating the jetpack and flying off with Hit-Girl. They land on a distant rooftop and Kick-Ass unstraps the pack and sets both Hit-Girl and the pack down. Hit-Girl thanks him for the help, saying Big Daddy would be proud of them both. Kick-Ass takes off his mask and tells her his real name, Dave Lizewski. Hit-Girl consents to the gesture and takes off her wig and mask, showing him her face, and telling him her true name, Mindy MacReady. They shake hands and look toward the horizon.

A voice-over from Dave tells us that Marcus regains guardianship of Mindy and that she is now enrolled at Dave's school, on the promise that Dave will look out for her. An amusing scene shows two school bullies attempting to shake the 'new kid' for her lunch money but she merely smiles and cracks her knuckles. Dave relaxes with his friends at a coffee shop as his voice-over mentions that Kick-Ass has become a cultural sensation with his own comic strip. And while Dave is retired from crime fighting, there is a whole new wave of people inspired to follow in his footsteps. As the film ends we see one who is equally determined to break the new superhero wave down. Chris, as the Red Mist, sits in his father's office donning a revamped costume and mask vowing revenge against Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and any superhero wannabe that gets in his way.

A modern day heroes tale, let's take a look at the weapons they used.

A Beretta 92FS is used by Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) in an early scene to shoot his daughter Hitgirl (Chloe Moretz) to show what is like to be shot with a bullet proof vest on, and later when he attacks a group of mobsters at Frank's Lumber warehouse.

 "This will only hurt for a second, Sugar." Damon Macready (AKA Big Daddy) aims the Beretta 92FS at his daughter.

To see Mindy learn how to take a bullet, you can watch here:

 Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) wields a Beretta 92FS to fight thugs.

A Heckler & Koch USP Compact is wielded "akimbo"-style by Mindy Macready aka "Hit Girl" (Chloe Moretz) along side a SIG Sauer P232 (left hand). A two toned H&K USP Compact is wielded by a thug. She also uses one in the POV scene and during the rescue, with a rail mounted flashlight in tactical strobe mode.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact - 9x19mm

 Heckler & Koch USP Compact with stainless slide - 9x19mm

H & K USP Compact 9x19mm with rail adapter, pictured below with an Insight Xti Procyon tactical weaponlight

 Hit Girl in a different costume wielding a USP Compact with a suppressor.

Hit Girl prepares to open a can of kick-ass with a USP Compact in her right hand and a SIG-Sauer P232 in her left

There are a ton of different weapons used in this film, to see the rest of them take a look here:

If you're looking for more Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass, grab some popcorn and watch the sequel to Kick-Ass and settle in for some action packed superhero storylines from unexpected places.

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2. Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a 2011 science fiction fantasy directed by Zack Snyder that focuses on a young woman who steps into a fantasy world in order to escape her own horrifying reality. In the fantasy sequences, the mix of weaponry in the film spans several decades from the time period of the reality depicted in the film. The women in the film also underwent extensive training with former Navy SEALs in both weapons handling as well as room clearing techniques.

This film opens darkly with a scene of abuse and death. Eerie and frightening, it unpleasant and meant to leave the viewer disturbed. In the 1950s, a 20-year-old woman nicknamed Babydoll is institutionalized by her widowed stepfather at the Lennox House for the Mentally Insane after she is blamed for the death of her younger sister. The stepfather easily bribes Blue Jones, who is one of the asylum's orderlies, into forging the signature of the asylum's psychiatrist, Dr. Vera Gorski , to have Babydoll lobotomized so she cannot inform the authorities of the true circumstances behind  her sister's death. During her admission to the institution, Babydoll takes note of four items that she would need to attempt an escape in the future. As the orderly leads the stepfather and Babydoll through the hospital they stop in what's known as "The Theatre",  Babydoll carefully yet blindly takes in her surroundings. As she does this the two men in charge of her fate haggle prices and when the Doctor that performs the lobotomy will be there. The time passes in a montage of torment and clues. We see the lobotomy about to take place but we click over to opening with the tool over another characters head. Babydoll has slipped into a fantasy world in which she is newly arrived in a brothel owned by Blue, whom she envisions as a dapper but sinister mobster. She befriends four other dancers Amber , Blondie , Rocket, and Rocket's sister and Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is the proclaimed "star of the show". Dr. Gorski is given her role in the parallel but imagined world as the girls' tough love dance instructor. Blue informs Babydoll that her virginity will be sold to a client known as the High Roller, who is actually the doctor scheduled to perform the lobotomy. Gorski encourages Babydoll to perform an erotic dance, and we are delivered to yet another world in Babydoll's mind. She finds herself in feudal Japan, and meets another character named simply the Wise Man. During the dancing she is able to transport herself to other lands and the Wise Man offers her answers how she can escape her true prison. Upon finishing her dance Babydoll expresses her desire to "escape" to other girls and tells them she's been instructed by the Wise Man. He instructs Babydoll that she'll need the following items to escape: a map, fire, a knife, a key, and the fifth is shrouded in mystery as it will require sacrifice and bring the victory they require. Babydoll convinces her friends, including the dubious Sweet Pea, to join her in preparing an escape. She plans to use her dances as a distraction while the other girls obtain the necessary tools. During her dances, she imports herself into fantastic adventures that mirror the escape efforts. These adventures include infiltrating a bunker protected by steampunk-inspired World War I German soldiers to gain a map (mirrored by Sweet Pea copying a map of the brothel/institution from Blue's office); storming an Orc-infested castle to retrieve two fire-producing crystals from inside a baby dragon (mirrored by Amber stealing a lighter from the mayor's pocket); and boarding a train and combating robotic guards to disarm a bomb (mirrored by Rocket stealing a kitchen knife from the Cook's belt). During the last fantasy, Rocket sacrifices herself to save Sweet Pea and is killed when the bomb detonates, which is paralleled by the Cook fatally stabbing Rocket while she tries to protect her sister. Blue overhears Blondie relaying Babydoll's plan to Madam Gorski, confirming his suspicions that something is amiss. He has Sweet Pea locked in a utility closet and confronts the other girls backstage. He shoots Amber and Blondie and attempts to rape Babydoll, but she stabs him with the kitchen knife and steals his master key. Babydoll frees Sweet Pea and starts a fire to keep the orderlies occupied while they look for an exit. They escape into the courtyard, where they find a throng of men blocking their way. Babydoll realizes that the fifth item needed for the escape is in fact her own sacrifice. Despite Sweet Pea's protests, she insists on revealing herself to the visitors, thus distracting them long enough to allow her friend to slip away unnoticed. Back in the asylum, the surgeon has just performed Babydoll's lobotomy. The surgeon is baffled by Babydoll's expression, and asks Dr. Gorski why she authorized the procedure. Gorski realizes that Blue has forged her signature and summons the police, who apprehend Blue as he attempts to sexually assault a lobotomized Babydoll. While being led away, Blue also incriminates the stepfather. Babydoll is shown smiling serenely, having apparently found freedom within her own inner "Paradise". It is revealed her dream is actually a fantasy flashback paralleling events that really happened in the hospital. At a bus station, Sweet Pea is stopped by police as she tries to get on a bus to Fort Wayne, but she is rescued by the bus driver (the Wise Man), who misleads the police and allows her to board.

Now then, let's take a look at the weapons used in this film.

In the third-tier 'dream world', the Wise Man (Scott Glenn) presents Baby Doll with her weapons, one of which is a nickel plated engraved M1911A1 pistol with spare magazines (and small jewelry attachments).

      Screen used custom M1911 used by Baby Doll

                                          The custom M1911A1 seen in Baby Doll's holster.

 Some of the actresses were seen with M1911A1's during their firearms training.

During the trench battle with the World War One German Zombie Soldiers, Rocket (Jena Malone) uses a combination of bayonet and single shot Flintlock Pistol. She uses the pistol as a club in hand to hand combat, which is probably the most practical use for the antiquated weapon in that battle. Later, she uses it for shooting the cable from the bomb in the "distant planet" world.

                  Rocket prepares to slam a Zombie German soldier with her Flintlock Pistol.

        Jena Malone trains with a Flintlock Pistol during a rehearsal for the trench warfare scene.

In the battle with armed automatons, Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) uses a tactical Remington 870 Shotgun with ghost-ring sights, Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight, door breaching muzzle brake, and Knoxx Spec Ops stock. Production stills clearly show "Knoxx" written on it.

Remington 870 Police "Entry Gun" with a Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight a KNOXX Spec Ops stock - 12 gauge

Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) gets ready to engage an army of robots with her Remington 870 shotgun

Abbie Cornish firing the Remington 870 at a firing range. Note the absence of the Knoxx stock.

To watch the Zombie Fight scene you can do so here:

This film has a ton of weapons, for a full listing you can go here:

If you're in the mood for a dark but powerful film, pour a strong glass of whiskey and buckle in because Sucker Punch is a wild ride between three realms.

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Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

For more info on these and other weapons
Technical specs compiled from:

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."