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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Fright and Fantasy

Gunfights and Films: Fright and Fantasy

In keeping with our Halloween theme, today we'll look at two films rooted in fantasy and filled with monsters of all variety. While Hellboy was a comic book prior to being a movie, Underworld did things in reverse but you can find them both at your local comic book store. Both stories appeal as a modern take on occult favorites, let's take a look at them.

Underworld is the 2003 action horror film directed by Len Wiseman and starring Kate Beckinsale as Selene, a vampire who is known as a "Death Dealer", an assassin tasked with eliminating the Lycans, those who are also known as werewolves. The film would launch a series of films, which includes 2006's Underworld: Evolution, 2009's Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and 2012's Underworld: Awakening.

Fourteen hundred years ago, Vampires had decided that the best way to ensure the survival of their species was for three Elders--Viktor, Marcus, and Amelia--to 'leap frog' through time, one ruling while the other two slept, each being awakened at their appointed time according to the sacred covenant. A thousand years ago, during the reign of Viktor, the oldest and strongest of the Elders, the Vampire-Lycan War began. 600 years ago, Kraven set the fire which killed Lucian, the leader of the Lycans. Kraven brought back a brand cut from Lucian's arm as proof of his death, a deed which earned Kraven high favor with Viktor, who put Kraven in charge of their coven. The great blaze caused the Lycans to scatter. Vampire Death Dealers, armed with silver bullets and shuriken, have been picking Lycans off one by one until very few remain.

We watch as  three Death Dealers--Selene, Rigel, and Nathaniel -- follow two Lycans into a subway station in an unnamed European city. A firey gun battle ensues in which Rigel is killed, one of the Lycans gets away, and Nathaniel comes up missing. In the chaos, Selene discovers that the Lycans have devised an ultraviolet bullet that can kill vampires, and that there appears to be a large band of Lycans amassing under the subway.

Selene hurries back to alert the Vampires at Kraven's luxurious mansion but they blow her off as they are more interested in the clothes they are going to wear at tonight's formal party with the coven from over seas in celebration of the upcoming awakening of Marcus by Amelia, the current reigning Elder. Not interested in their gaieties, Selene views some digital photos Rigel took of the Lycans and notices that they appear to have been following a human. A computer search reveals the human is Michael Corvin, an intern at a local hospital.

Selene pays Michael Corvin's apartment a visit. While snooping, she overhears a phone message about his involvement in some type of  shoot out. She is now convinced that she is correct about the Lycans stalking Michael. Selene attempts to interrogate him just as his apartment is raided by a pack of Lycans. While Selene holds them off, Michael escapes in the elevator, but the doors open to a face-to-face confrontation with Lucian, the current leader of the Lycans. Selene attempts to shoot Lucian, but he is intent on biting Michael and spitting the blood into a vial which he takes to Singe, the Lycan doctor who has been researching humans with the last name of Corvin, so far with negative results. He analyzes Michael's blood and pronounces it "positive."

Selene and Michael make a getaway together in her car, but Selene has lost a lot of blood in her fight with the Lycans. She passes out and the car leaps into a river. Michael saves her, binds her wound, then passes out himself. When Selene awakens, she takes the unconscious Michael back to the Vampire's mansion, incurring the wrath of Kraven, who wants Selene  to be his future queen and is jealous that she seems smitten with Michael. When Michael finally wakes up he finds himself face-to-face with fellow vampire Erika , who realizes that Michael has been bitten and is becoming Lycan. Erika leaps to the ceiling and starts hissing at him. Terrified and confused, Michael jumps out a window and escapes the Vampire's mansion.

Although it is forbidden to delve into the past, Selene decides to do a little reading about the history of the Vampire-Lycan War, particularly the chapter on the Fall of Lucian. She notices that the Lucian in one of the pictures is wearing the same medallion that she noticed the current Lucian wearing during the fight at Michael's apartment. Could he and the Lucian that Kraven supposedly killed 600 years ago be one and the same? Could Kraven and Lucian be conspiring together? Could the fact that the Lycans are amassing near the Vampire coven portend an attack on the Vampires? When Erika informs Selene that Michael has been bitten and is turning Lycan, Selene has heard enough. Against the covenant rules, Selene decides to awaken Viktor and ask for his guidance.

Michael has begun having hallucinations and wants to know what is happening to him. Selene takes him to their Lycan interrogation room in the city so that he can hide for the night. She informs him he has been bitten by a Lycan. She also tells him that the next night, during full moon , he will turn into one. The hallucinations, she tells him, are memories passed to him from Lucian. When Michael asks Selene why she cares about what's happening to him, Selene explains that the lycan virus and the vampire virus are incompatible and no one has ever survived a bite by both species. When Michael asks her why she hates Lycans so much, she tells him how Lycans slaughtered her entire family and how Viktor arrived just in time to save her from the same fate. Viktor made her vampire and then raised her like his own daughter. Selene then handcuffs Michael to a chair, gives him a gun with silver bullets, and advises him to use it on himself if she isn't back by tomorrow night.

After Selene arrives back at the mansion, Viktor has fully awakened and is being briefed by Kraven. When Viktor learns that he's been awakened full century ahead of schedule, he is livid. Not even Selene's attempts to explain her findings appease him. In fact, Viktor basically tells Selene to let Kraven handle this and that she will be judged by the council for breaking the covenant. Kraven locks Selene in her room. None of these results were the ones she was looking for.

The next night, it is the night of the full moon. It is time for Amelia's train to arrive, and Kraven has ordered Soren  and his team to fetch her and the council members. Erika, who has wanted to be Kraven's mate for a long time, cuts the power to the main gate, allowing Selene to run to Michael. Selene releases Michael, but they are attacked by Lycans. Selene stays to fight while Michael jumps out a window. When Michael lands on his feet some five or six stories below, he is immediately captured by Lycans posing as cops. On the way to the Lycan den, Michael begins the change. The Lycans pull over, and they dose Michael with an enzyme to stop the change.

Selene has captured Singe and brings him to Viktor where Singe is forced to explain how, for years, the Lycans have been trying to combine the blood lines. They've been testing descendents of Alexander Corvinus, a 5th century Hungarian warlord who was the sole survivor of a plague that ravaged his village and turned him into the first immortal. From Corvinus's offspring, one became the Vampire line, one became the Lycan line, and one remained human but carried the imprint of the original immortality virus hidden in its genetic code in dormant form and passed down through the ages to Michael Corvin. Lucian plans to inject himself with blood taken from Michael and from a powerful Vampire elder, creating a hybrid--both Lycan and Vampire--but stronger than both. The ultimate immortal.

Meanwhile the train transporting the most important of Vampires is attacked by Lycans and left in ruins. When Kraven's brood arrive on the scene they find that  Amelia's blood has been totally drained. When Viktor finds out, he orders Selene to kill Michael.

As all this is occuring Michael is being held at the Lycan den, where his visions have suddenly become clear and he now knows what started the Vampire-Lycan war. Many years ago, Lycans were the Renfields for Vampires, but it was forbidden for Vampires and Lycans to fraternize. Lucian and Viktor's daughter Sonja fell in love and mated, creating a hybrid child that Viktor would not allow, so Viktor placed his own daughter in the sun where she burnt to a crisp while Lucian was made to watch. Viktor had spent the last 600 years exterminating the Lycan species so the bloodlines would never blend.

Kraven knows he's been found out. He was indeed in league with Lucian. Together, they planned Lucian's 'death' 600 years ago so that Lucian could lay low. Now the agreement is for Kraven to gain control of both covens by obtaining an ironclad peace treaty with the Lycans, while Lucian gets revenge on Viktor.

By now it's the beginning of an all out war.  The Vampires, along with Selene, Kahn, and Viktor storm the Lycan den in a climatic battle. Kraven shoots Lucian with a silver nitrate bullet (The silver is in liquid form so that it will go directly into the Lycans' bloodstreams and cannot be dug out). When Michael tries to escape, he is also shot by Kraven. As Michael lays oozing silver nitrate from his wounds, Kraven tells Selene the true story about her 'dark father,' Viktor. Her family wasn't killed by Lycans but by Viktor himself. Seems he didn't like the taste of livestock very much, so once in awhile he would engorge himself on human blood. Since Selene reminded him of Sonja, he spared her and raised her as his own. Selene is stunned by this new and surprising information.

When Kraven demands that Selene go with him, she refuses. As he's about to shoot Michael again, the dying Lucian runs a sword through Kraven's leg and tells Selene to bite Michael. "Half vampire, half lycan -- they're stronger than both." Selene does it. Kraven finishes off Lucian. Michael turns into a hybrid and, after Michael and Viktor tussle a bit, Selene cuts off Viktor's head. Selene flees the scene of the battle, and is now to become the hunted by both her people and the Lycans.

This movie is great, dark and gritty and gives a unique history to werewolf and vampire origin stories. Let's take a look at some of the weapons used in this film.

The signature weapons of Selene (Kate Beckinsale) are two Beretta 92FS handguns modified to fire on full auto with barrel weights attached, possibly standing in for compensators.

                                 The Beretta 92FS pistols used in the movie - 9x19mm.

            Selene fires her pair of full auto Beretta 92FS pistols at Lycans in the train station.

             Selene drops to one knee and kills several Lycans with one long burst from her Beretta.

                   When she realizes the Lycans cannot be stopped, she turns her Berettas to the floor.

To watch the scene with Selene in the apartment you can do so here:

A Heckler & Koch USP Match makes its first appearance when it is given to Selene (Kate Beckinsale) by Kahn (Robbie Gee) to test out. When she fires it, silver liquid comes out of the target, and we learn that the gun is loaded with Silver Nitrate bullets which were copied from the Lycan's ultraviolet ammunition, and are very lethal to the werewolves as it allows silver to flow into their blood stream. Towards the end of the film, Kraven (Shane Brolly) also uses a USP Match loaded with the same ammunition. It should be noted that silver nitrate is actually clear in liquid form, but the liquid used resembles mercury.

                                                 Heckler & Koch USP Match - 9x19mm.

                                       Closeup of the magazine loaded with Silver Nitrate rounds.

Both the Vampires and Lycans can be seen using Heckler & Koch MP5A3s on several occasions. And the way to tell the two side's MP5A3s apart is that the Lycan's guns usually have tactical flashlights on the foregrip.

         Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm

                              A death dealer fires his MP5A3 at attacking Lycans on the train.

To watch the train scene you can do so here:

In addition to her Beretta 92FS handguns mentioned above, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) also uses a pair of two tone Walther P99s fitted with Kemmer Tech BA-5 laser sights at the bottom of the barrels. The guns have been modified to lessen the weight required on the trigger to fire, allowing Kate Beckinsale's character to fire them almost as if they were fully automatic, which the sound editors for the film must have decided they were, since the weapons report like submachine guns. You can see Selene pulling the trigger for every shot, but you hear fully automatic fire.(Best notable in the subway shootout, when Selene fires on the fleeing Werewolf in the train.)

                                One of the Walther P99s used in the movie - 9x19mm.

  Selene firing her Walthers at Lycans. Fully-automatic fire is heard when she fires them here.

          Publicity image of Selene (Kate Beckinsale) holding a pair of two tone Walther P99 pistols.

To watch Selene rescue Michael you can do so here: 

The Underworld franchise is a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. So grab some popcorn and some friends and spend the weekend with Kate Beckinsale.

To see a full listing of the weapons used in this film go here:


 is a 2004 American supernatural superhero film, starring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo del Toro. The film is loosely based on the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Hellboy: Seed of Destruction by Mike Mignola. It was produced by Revolution Studios, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film is about a demonic beast, known as Hellboy, who secretly works to keep the world safe from paranormal threats with his team, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. It did spawn a sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, was released on July 11, 2008.

The movie opens with the voice of Professor Broom asking a question that will shadow the rest of the film: "What is it that makes a man a man'? Is it his origins- the way things start"? The voiceover goes on to give itself some backstory: it is 1944, nearing the end of World War 2, and Hitler has been  resorting to the occult in a strange and desperate attempt to turn the tide of war in his favor.

We are taken to an  island off the coast of Scotland, where young Professor Broom requests that the military personnel be given rosary beads before continuing on the assignment. But the sergeant in charge just laughs at Broom, condescending him and his belief in the paranormal. The American troops arrive at a set of ruins and find a group of Nazi scientists led by Rasputin and his mistress, IIsa. They are protected by a mysterious figure in a gas mask named Kroenen, reportedly Hitler's top assassin. Rasputin attaches himself to a mysterious device designed to open a portal to another dimension and awaken forces known as "The Seven Gods of Chaos." Just as the portal opens, the American troops launch grenades into the site, killing some scientists and causing a rift in Rasputin's plans. Chaos ensues.

Kroenen attacks the Americans, killing several and wounding Professor Broom in the leg. Broom crawls over to a fallen soldier and picks up a grenade, hurling it just beneath the portal. Kroenen breaks off his attack and tries to remove the grenade, but cannot get to it in time. The grenade explodes, destroying the portal and Kroenan's right hand. Kroenen is then impaled by a fragment from the portal and is presumed dead. Rasputin is unexpectedly sucked into the portal, closing it.

Professor Broom has his leg bandaged while instructing the remaining soldiers to search the island because he is  fearful that something may have come through the portal before they could close it. Broom and another soldier suddenly encounter a strange red ape-like creature with a massive stone hand. The soldiers are fearful, but Broom manages to attract the creature with a Baby Ruth candy bar. They realize that this creature, whatever it may be, is just an infant and is essentially harmless to them. They deem as friendly and this is the beginning of the story of Hellboy, as it was the soldiers that gave the creature a name based on its demonic appearance. As the movie's credits roll through we then see a montage of  Hellboy's position in modern-day society, effectively as an "urban legend" like Bigfoot or other such creatures.

Fast-forward sixty years and a much older Professor Broom is being examined by doctors. The findings are not good; he has cancer and not much can be done about it. On his way home, Broom sees his friend Tom Manning on TV, answering questions about a recent photograph supposedly taken of Hellboy. Manning denies Hellboy's existence and the existence of  the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

Meanwhile, a lone figure on a motor scooter arrives at a waste management plant. He activates the speaker-phone and identifies himself as John Meyers, a recent graduate of FBI training reporting for his first assignment. He is taken downstairs by a secret elevator and ends up in a gigantic library with a water tank in the middle of the room. A strange voice asks Meyers to turn the pages on some books, and a strange fish-like humanoid reveals itself inside the tank. Professor Broom arrives and introduces the fish-man as Abe Sapien. Meyers is about to introduce himself, but Abe interrupts by reciting a number of facts about Meyers seemingly out of nowhere. Broom explains that Abe has a unique brain, allowing him certain telepathic abilities. Broom feeds Abe a few rotten eggs, a strange delicacy that Abe has acquired a taste for. Professor Broom explains that this is the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), and Meyers is their newest ally.

The scene shifts to snowy mountains far away. We are following three figures. It is IIsa, Kroenen and a guide and they are hiking to a sacred location. They kill their guide and use his blood to resurrect Rasputin. Beginning their plan of destruction once again, this time using Hellboy as the key.

Meyers is given a brief history of the BPRD and its activities, and is then introduced to his superior, Agent Clay. Broom gives Meyers 2 Baby Ruth bars and wishes him well. Clay brings Meyers into a huge vault like room and introduces the BPRD's pride and joy: Hellboy. We are introduced to an adult version of the creature. Hellboy is less than eager about Meyer's arrival, seeing him as just another of the endless security measures he must live under. Midway through their introduction, an alarm sounds and Hellboy joyfully sets out to go on their latest assignment.

A newscaster remarks that an alarm was triggered at a local museum, and that there has been no response from the guards inside. Clay brings Hellboy and Abe Sapien reporting that there is a large monster of some type inside the museum. Professor Broom explains that a statue was destroyed and something trapped inside was freed. Hellboy loads up his trademark weapon, the Samaritan, and goes inside to investigate while Abe tries to research what the creature could be and how they can stop it.

Abe comes up with the name "Sammael" for this creature and tells Hellboy about it just as Hellboy encounters the creature. Hellboy shoots the monster a few times and walks away, just as Abe informs him that Sammael is also known as "the Hound of Resurrection." Hellboy turns around and is attacked, eventually thrown out a window. Hellboy encounters Rasputin, finding his voice familiar. Rasputin gives an ominous warning about Hellboy's future before Sammael attacks again. Meyers shows up and shoots Sammael, much to Hellboy's disdain as he likes to maintain his lone wolf stance.

Hellboy attempts to reload his weapon when Meyers notices a strange seed-like creature on Hellboy's arm. Hellboy rips it off and gives it to Meyers, instructing him to save it for study. Hellboy shoots Sammael with a tracking bullet that leaks green fluid, making an easily traceable trail. Hellboy follows Sammael through a crowd and across several lanes of traffic. Meyers tries to keep up but is injured by a passing car and faces death just before Hellboy returns to block the oncoming car and allowing Meyers to get across.

Hellboy follows Sammael into a subway system, briefly losing contact when a passing train goes over his head. Fed up with the fight, Hellboy grabs the train track and electrocutes Sammael. Hellboy is unharmed by the attack because he has a resistance to fire. Wanting some freedom, Hellboy turns off his radio and goes to see his old friend and love interest Liz Sherman. Liz has been in and out of BPRD but had recently  committed herself to a mental hospital. Meyers and some other agents finally arrive to take Hellboy back. Meyers looks up Liz Sherman's file and finds that she is a pyrokinetic (having the ability to start fire by thought) and that in her childhood she accidentally caused a huge blaze that cost dozens of lives.

Tom Manning and Professor Broom are discussing Hellboy's latest activities. Manning is less than happy with Hellboy or any of the people at BPRD, whom he refers to them as freaks. Abe Sapien uses his telepathy to show Professor Broom what happened at the museum: Kroenen killed the guards while Rasputin freed Sammael, enchanting the beast with a type of magic that will make 2 new creatures arise for every one that dies. Abe also learns through the telepathic exchange that the Professor is very sick, and the professor begs Abe to keep this secret from Hellboy.

Hellboy is being examined by Abe and Broom back at the base. They find a cluster of eggs in Hellboy's arm where the spore-like object was attached. Broom decides that Hellboy will go back to the subway the next day and look for any more eggs.

That night, Rasputin secretly visits Liz  at the mental hospital. He uses his powers to unlock her worst memory and activating her fire-starting abilities which destroys the hospital.

Hellboy and Broom discuss this the next morning while Hellboy files his horns. Meyers offers to speak with Liz and hopefully recruit her into the BPRD once more. Meyers is successful in getting Liz to come back to what she feels is the closest to home.

Hellboy, Clay, Abe and two other agents return to the sewers to find the Eggs. Abe jumps into a cistern to capture a cluster of eggs, but is attacked and badly injured by another Sammael. The two agents are attacked and killed by yet another Sammeal, which Hellboy chases after. Clay is left behind and winds up getting stabbed by Kroenen, who then makes it appear as though Kroenen was killed in a fight between the two. Hellboy chases Sammael into a subway station, finally killing him again by smashing the monster into an oncoming train. Hellboy returns, shocked to find his friends wounded.

Back at BPRD, Manning reveals that Abe will recover but Clay is too badly wounded and most likely will not survive the night. Manning and Hellboy clash, both angry about what has happened.

Hellboy is in his room, struggling to write a letter for Liz that describes his feelings for her when Liz comes in and reveals that she is going on a date with Meyers. Hellboy is angry. He decides to covertly spy on them while they are out and about.

Broom is doing an autopsy of sorts on Kroenen, where he learns that Kroenen is over 100 years old and his body is badly mutilated due to a medical form of  masochism. When the professor leaves, Kroenen uses a type of clockwork mechanism to restart his heart and allows Rasputin into the BPRD. Rasputin confronts the professor, taunting him for not knowing Hellboy's true purpose or name. Broom responds that-as far as he is concerned- Hellboy's proper title is "Son." Rasputin grants Broom a glimpse into the future, where Hellboy is responsible for Armageddon. Kroenen then executes Professor Broom.

Meyers and Liz are still on their date when they are told what has happened. Hellboy was still watching the date when he figures out that something is wrong. Upon hearing the news of his father Hellboy is devastated by the loss, refusing to eat or speak for days. Manning takes over the BPRD and announces that he will lead a team to Russia to find the source of Sammael's eggs and put a stop to all this paranormal evil.

In Russia, Hellboy re-animates a corpse with magic and gets directions to Rasputin's Mausoleum. The group is divided inside, with Liz and  Meyers in one direction and Hellboy and Manning in another. Hellboy and Manning find Kroenen's hiding place, and Hellboy saves Manning's life by attacking Kroenen with his stone fist. Kroenen attempts to lure Hellboy into a spiked pit, but Manning throws a gear at Kroenen, blocking his attack. Hellboy knocks Kroenen into the pit and kills him with a gigantic gear. Hellboy and Manning thank each other for their endeavors, having formed a type of mutual respect despite their usual banter and general distaste for one another.

Liz and Meyers find the egg chamber. Hellboy joins them, but he is overwhelmed by Sammael duplicates. Liz begs Meyers to attack her, hoping that it will trigger her fire-powers. It works, and Sammael (eggs and doubles) are destroyed for good. But Rasputin and IIsa use the opportunity to capture Hellboy and his friends.

Rasputin wants Hellboy to use his "Right Hand of Doom" to finally free the Seven Gods of Chaos. Hellboy refuses, but learns that Liz is critically injured and may not survive. He agrees to Rasputin's terms and speaks his true name- "Anung-Un-Rama." Hellboy's horns suddenly grow to full length and he begins to breathe smoke, having embraced his Demonic heritage.

Meyers is able to free himself before Hellboy opens the final seal of the Gods. Meyers begs Hellboy to remember who he is, and throws the prayer-beads that once belonged to Professor Broom. Hellboy remembers that he does not have to be evil; he has a choice- and his father died so he could make that choice. Hellboy rips off his horns and stabs Rasputin with them, stating that he doesn't' need Rasputin to tell him who he is. Rasputin's death unleashes a monster who is the last envoy of the Seven Gods, called Behemoth, and it quickly grows in size.

Hellboy gets Meyers and Liz out of the room, and Meyers gives him a weapon- a cluster of grenades intended for use on Sammael's eggs. Hellboy has a long fight with the Behemoth before finally getting the huge monster to swallow the grenades, destroying it.

Hellboy returns only for Meyers to say that Liz has no pulse. Hellboy kneels down and speaks some words of apparent prayer, and Liz opens her eyes. She asks what he said. Hellboy responds that he was talking to those "on the other side," imploring them to give up Liz because he would gladly cross over himself to try and save her. Moved by his sentiments and by the events of the last few days, the two kiss passionately. Liz's fire engulfs them both in moments, but Hellboy, being fireproof, is unharmed.

Meyers stands on and concludes Professor Broom's earlier thoughts: "What is it that makes a man a man?' It's the choices he makes. Not how he starts things- but how he decides to end them."

Hellboy is a fantastic comic book and the characters are all intriguing in their own way. Let's take a look at some of the weapons used in this dark world of fantasy and modern day reality.

We can't take a look at the weapons and not talk about this one. Hellboy's (Ron Perlman) personal sidearm, the Samaritan, of which he acquired in the '50s, he named it the "Samaritan" because it puts monsters out of their misery. The metal of the gun is forged from a combination of Irish church bells, cold iron from crucifixes, blessed silver, and other mystic metals. The grips have the BPRD insignia on each side and the wood of the grips is believed to be that of the cross of which Jesus Christ was crucified on. The gun has immense muzzle energy and is believed capable of breaking a normal mans arm due to great recoil. The gun holds 4 shots (although in the film he fires 8) and fires bullets HB makes himself as a hobby. He puts Holy water, Garlic cloves, and white oak shavings in his special rounds. As he calls them, "The Works." The gun uses a tip-open action similar to a Webley or Schofield action revolver. It fires double action and single action. When out of bullets, HB likes to use it as a hammer as this cannon weighs around 10 pounds!

                                                  Hellboy holds up the Samaritan.

A speed loader for the Samaritan with four glass case bullets filled with holy water, garlic cloves and white oak shavings.

                                            Samaritan replica pistol on display with 4 bullets

To watch Hellboy battle Sammeal the first time you can watch it here:

                            One of the guards in the museum uses a Glock 17 shoot Kroenen

                                                                                Glock 17 9mm

                                          An officer aims his Glock 17 at Kroenen.

To watch this scene you can do so here:

Sgt. Whitman (Angus MacInnes) and several other soldiers use M1 Garands during the opening sequence

                                                          M1 Garand .30-06

                                 Sgt. Whitman (Angus MacInnes) with his M1 Garand.

To watch the opening sequence in WW2 to can watch it here:

Hellboy 1 & 2 are a couple of my favorite movies. I like to watch them on rainy days with my dog and some snacks. The plotlines are awesome and the visuals are stunning.

To find out more about the weapons used in this film you can go here:

To find great accessories to go with Glocks as well as several other types of guns make sure to check us out online at: Glock magazine accessories

What are your favorite movies to watch for Halloween???

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Shawn in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

For more info on these and other weapons
Technical specs compiled from:

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."


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